Teary Eyed Muslim Imam Blames His Religion For Radicalization [VIDEO]

Teary Eyed Muslim Imam Blames His Religion For Radicalization [VIDEO]

Imam Mohammed Tawhidi, who goes by the handle @ImamOfPeace on Twitter, is an Islamic expert with a mission: To reform his religion and to warn the rest of the world of the dangerousness of the rotten, toxic Islam that has terrorized the entire world for decades.

If you want to know one thing about Tawhidi, who lives in Australia, this is what he tweeted on July 4th:


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And now, he recently broke down while blaming Islam for radicalizing a doctor now known as Dr. Jihad. As reported in The Blaze:

“I can’t blame him — it’s my religion. I can’t blame it on education, because he’s had the best education. So I have to blame it on religion,” imam Mohammed Tawhidi told Australia’s 7 News of Tareq Kamleh, a doctor who fled to Syria in 2015 and has since joined the Islamic State.

Tawhidi’s comments came on the heels of a new ISIS propaganda video featuring Kamleh. In the video, the radicalized doctor claims “we love death more than you love life” and asserted that Muslims who don’t join the Islamic State “have no self respect.”

Needless to say, Tawhidi lives in fear that these radicalized and extreme Muslims will kill him, and has raised over $7,000 to help him cover the fees for his personal security with an end goal of $30,000. He posted this on his funding page:

I travel the world calling for peace and I work towards ending violence coming from Islamic extremism. I have been assaulted, abused and recently received news that I have been declared an apostate by a Mufti in Saudi Arabia called Assim Al Hakeem; who said that my death sentence is to be ruled by a panel of Islamic Jurists. I receive death threats on a regular basis.

You can watch the full video and interview here:

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