Trump Said THIS About Muslims – And the Crowd Went WILD! [WATCH]

Trump Said THIS About Muslims – And the Crowd Went WILD! [WATCH]

One of the cornerstones of Donald Trump’s campaign has been keeping Muslims out of the United States. So when he talked about how all of Islam hates us, he got a lot of applause — and some pushback from the media, too.

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Donald J. Trump explains what he means when he said "I think Islam hates us."

Posted by POLITICO on Thursday, March 10, 2016

“I think Islam hates us,” Trump said frankly. “There’s something, there’s something there that’s a tremendous hatred… we have to be very vigilant, we have to be very careful, we can’t allow people coming into this country who have this hatred of the United States.”

At tonight’s CNN debate, Trump was again confronted on this issue and asked to account for his statement. “From CNN, quote, ‘Islam hates us.’ Did you mean all 1.6 billion Muslims?” asked Jake Tapper.

“I mean a lot of them, I mean a lot of them,” Trump bluntly responded to audience applause and laughter.

“Do you want to clarify the comment at all?” Tapper asked, pressing Trump further.

“Well you know I’ve been watching the debate today and they’re talking about radical Islamic terrorism and radical Islam,” began Trump. “But I will tell you there’s something going on that maybe you don’t know about and maybe a lot of other people don’t know about, but there’s tremendous hatred and I will stick with exactly what I said to Anderson Cooper.”

It is true that Muslims in the Middle East hate the United States, but there are also Muslims there that are risking everything they have — their lives, their families’ lives, everything — to help American troops. We do need to remain vigilant about Islamic terrorism, but to make such a sweeping generalization is misguided at best, and racist at worst.

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