Waiting for Some Word From Feminists on This

A little more of that cultural enrichment Europeans have been importing:

A woman and her three daughters have been stabbed in a French resort for being ‘scantily dressed’.

An eight-year-old girl was left fighting for her life after the attack in the Garde-Colombe in the Hautes-Alpes region of Southern France.

The man is believed to have attacked the three girls outside the family’s apartment before entering the building and attacking the mother.

Jean-Marc Duprat, a deputy mayor for the town of Laragne-Monteglin in the Hautes-Alpes region said the suspect, who is not related to them, was upset they were wearing shorts and T-shirts.

Once Europeans were free to wear what they pleased. That is no longer the case. But men still can.

The girls are believed to be aged eight, 12 and 14 while their mother is 46.

The 8-year-old received a punctured lung during this adventure in multiculturalism.

Amaury Navarranne from the regional council said: ‘The religious motive of the attack is in no doubt.’

I wonder what the religion of the attacker could have been. Since we are told that all faiths are equivalent, there is really no way to guess.

The attacker is described as a 37-year-old of Moroccan descent.

Looks like this moonbat rules out Islam.

On tips from Byron, Don M, Dragon’s Lair, and Bodhisattva.

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