You’ll Be FURIOUS When You See the ‘Punishment’ for Muslim Who Raped 13 Year-Old Girl

You’ll Be FURIOUS When You See the ‘Punishment’ for Muslim Who Raped 13 Year-Old Girl

Europe has been taking in large numbers of refugees, often without doing much vetting and the consequences have been disastrous. Sweden in particular has taken in more refugees than any other European country… and it has not been going well. The fault, however, is squarely on Swedish authorities allowing criminals to get away with despicable crimes.

Since 2012, Sweden has taken in over 100,000 refugees. Last month, massive riots erupted and police reported that they have set up “no go” zones, areas in major cities where they cannot enter safely. Rape has also skyrocketed, with an approximate nine out of 10 gang rapists being foreign, according to one report.

Why is rape flourishing in Sweden? Perhaps because rapists are given such light sentences. A 16 year-old Muslim boy was convicted of raping a 13 year-old girl. He also not only filmed it, but showed the footage around and slandered his victim.

His sentence? 40 days community service and a fine. He also was not convicted of pornography or defamation. To make it even better, the rapist has a prior record, in June 2016 for violations of the Radiation Protection Act to youth. And the rapist is also appealing his sentence.

But there are no problems with crime in Europe, right?

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