Comparison: Liberal Reaction Vs. Conservative Reaction To The Israel/Flotilla Story

Honestly, I don’t find the Palestinian people to be the least bit sympathetic. They’re backwards, genocidal, hyper-violent, sad sack Nazi wannabes led by terrorists who would happily murder every Jew on the planet if they could get away with it.

Then there are the Israelis. They’re a tiny Western:  democracy surrounded by backwards savages who want to murder them down to the last child because they’re Jews. Moreover, despite all the claims to the contrary, they’re the most restrained people on earth. If you don’t believe that, consider the fact that they could simply drive the Palestinians off their land and take it at any point, but instead, they’ve chosen to permanently live beside of millions of people who make the Manson family look sane. If the Israelis were somehow replaced by Americans, we’d drive the Palestinians off their land at gunpoint in six months tops — and we’d be perfectly justified in doing so.

So, that brings us to the relief flotillas. Note that I say:  flotillas. This is the 9th time that they’ve tried to send a flotilla through Israel’s blockade. Incidentally, Israel has that blockade in place for a very good reason: to keep weapons that will be used to murder Israelis from being shipped through to the Palestinians. So, since aid can be sent through the UN — where it’ll be checked for weapons — what’s the real point of these floatillas? It’s an attempt to embarass the Israelis into giving up the blockade, so that weapons can be shipped to the Palestinians, so that more Jews can be killed.

In any case, this time around, the Jew haters on the flotilla made a critical Darwin Award worthy error: they assaulted an Israeli commando team with knives, sticks, and guns. The Israeli commandos responded, quite correctly in my opinion, by killing AT LEAST 10 of them.

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Now, it’s worth noting that the Left and Right have had a VERY different reaction to this incident. Let’s take a look at some typical responses from the Right:

Let’s get this situation in perspective. ”Free Gaza” is a bunch of lunatics that’s tried to violate the blockade nine times in less than two years. They got precisely what they deserved — precisely. This is nothing but a public relations stunt.

Their “humanitarian aid” can go overland. They know it. They purposely loaded up with cement for Gaza in violation of the supplies allowed into Hamas-controlled Gaza, an organization that launches missiles daily into Israel civilian areas. Can cement go into Gaza? Yes, but only for declared projects. Otherwise, it will be used for military purposes. Everything on those ships could go into Gaza after inspection.

“Free Gaza” created this confrontation and paid the price.

…Israel did nothing wrong. Nothing. Not a single thing. — Liberty Pundits

The so-called “peace activists” from Gaza AKA Hamas, use violence against the Israeli Navy Soldiers. What the hell were “peace activists” doing with guns, grenades, metal pipes? This was all to provoke. Israel was right in defending itself. — Cubachi

Let’s be clear, this flotilla had nothing to do with humanitarian supplies, which could have been shipped by land. The flotilla, if successful, would have opened the door to military supplies to Hamas concealed in later shipments.

Iranian desire to turn Gaza into the equivalent of the Hezbollah missile arsenal was the real purpose of the flotilla, with European useful idiots tagging along. That Turkey played a leading role as proxy for Iran in breaking the blockade is yet another sign that Turkey’s growing alignment with Iran is a harbinger of bad things to come.

The flotilla was a collective human shield operation in which civilians, including reportedly including an 18 month old child, were put on the ships either to dissuade the Israelis from stopping the ships, or alternatively, to create an international incident. Prior to the flotilla launching, the leader of Hamas announced that it would be a triumph regardless of whether the flotilla landed or was stopped by Israel.

And it worked. While the exact death toll is not known as of this writing, when the Israelis attempted to board the ships, they were attacked and at least several passengers were killed. — Le:·gal In:·sur:·rec:·tion

Get ready for a tsunami of Jew-hating propaganda from the jihad-loving media. This marks the first time EU lawmakers were involved in an open attack on Israel…19 EUROPEAN LEGISLATORS WERE ALONG FOR THE RIDE IN PLANNED TERRORIST ATTACK AGAINST THE ISRAELI NAVY.

…Israel should sink those ships. — Atlas Shrugs

You are about to witness a blood libel take shape in real time. By the time you read this, you will not doubt have been informed that the Israeli navy stormed the pro-Palestinian flotilla headed for Gaza and wantonly fired upon the peaceful activists within, killing many.

This is a lie. But it is a lie that will be repeated ad nauseum over the coming days, until it takes on all the appearance of truth. As you watch this happen, note well what it says about the people who repeat this lie, and the ease with which it is accepted by many ostensibly sensible and right thinking people. And note as well what this says about their claims to be compassionate, liberal, concerned citizens of the world.

…The Israeli soldiers reacted as anyone would react when attacked by a club and knife-wielding mob. And lastly, that they and Israel are about to be internationally crucified, once again, for doing precisely this.

…Moreover, it is already clear that this violence was undertaken with one purpose in mind and one purpose only — to provoke the political/media assault on Israel which is about to ensue. — The New Ledger

Now, let’s take a look at the some typical reactions from the Left side of the blogosphere,

Like segregation in the American South, the siege of Gaza (and the entire Israeli occupation, for that matter) is a moral abomination that should be intolerable to anyone claiming progressive values. It’s sad that it should require the deaths of non-Palestinians to finally shake the international community from apathy and inaction, but, as with the tragic murders of Goodman, Chaney, and Schwerner, if it contributes to ending the situation then that’s a positive outcome. — Think Progress

Even so, Israel’s cavalier disregard for its own, already battered PR image is surprising. To attack a convoy of unarmed peace activists in international waters, and then to claim that it was the peace activists who committed the aggression, is so manifestly absurd that one wonders whether Israel truly has, as Chomsky recently implied, entered the “irrational” phase. I would caution against this conclusion. In the run-up to the voyage Israeli officials showed a keen awareness of the difficult PR situation they were in. It’s not that the Israeli government doesn’t care about its international image — far from it. Rather, the most plausible explanation is that, after a cost-benefit analysis, it determined that it would be able to attack the peace activists on the flotilla, take the concomitant day or two of bad media coverage in its stride, muddy the waters as much as possible with PR spin, and then move on without suffering too much damage as a result. Yousef Munayyer recently observed that ‘Palestinian non-violence requires global non-silence’. Evidently, the Israeli government took the risk of attacking the flotilla on the presumption that the world would be muted in its response.

It is time to disabuse them of that notion. Protests have been planned outside Israeli embassies worldwide – including across the US and in Israel – and Stop the War has called an emergency demonstration outside Downing Street today at 2pm. Make it if you can. — Daily Kos

Israeli Commandos Kill Unarmed Civilians in International Waters

…Within minutes of the reports of the killings of the aid activists, the Israeli PR machine started spreading tales — claiming the activists were violent, attacked the Israelis and more.

…All reports place the ships outside Israeli waters making the attack a violation of international navigation laws and, in effect, piracy.
So, will Obama cancel the “friendly” meeting with Netanyahu this Tuesday planned by Rahm who is currently in Israel? Will NATO challenge Israel over this act of piracy against one of its member companies? — Firedoglake

If it weren’t so despicable, it would be laughable: To the outside world, the government of Benyamin Netanyahu is doing a perfect imitation of North Korea in its murderous assault last night on flotilla of peace activists bringing humanitarian supplies to Gaza. The activists aren’t all pure, but Israel’s government has just purified them. If it was bone-headed in barring Noam Chomsky from the West Bank at the Allenby Bridge last week, now it might as well be taking tips from Pyongyang. — TPMCafe

I’ll have more in the morning, especially on reactions from around the world, but this is a shocking crime against humanity showing no conscience whatsoever. President Obama has to realise at this point that supporting Israel is akin to Reagan’s support for the Botha regime in South Africa in the 80’s. — Newshoggers

Let me tell you something, folks: it’s at times like these when you get to see which side really supports Israel and, newsflash,:  it isn’t the political party that’s in charge in this country today.

Update #1 After seeing this footage, I think Israel didn’t kill nearly enough of the thugs on that ship,

Watch it. It’s AMAZING footage.

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