Obama Shovels Our Money at Palestinian Terror State

If only squids could be trained to talk, you could name one Comrade Obama and teach it to intone, “Let me be clear” before it lets loose with a cloud of ink. But there is one thing Chairman Zero has made perfectly lucid: where he falls in the worldwide struggle between liberty and tyranny. His support for the failed communist coup in our democratic ally Honduras is one example. Firmly siding with the latter in the conflict between Israel and the Hamas terror state is another. Next time a “Freedom Flotilla” sails toward Gaza to supply bloodthirsty terrorists, the ships will fly American flags and be loaded to the gunwales with our money:

President Obama urged the Israeli government to loosen its blockade of Gaza on Wednesday, as the United States continued to scramble to find a way out of the stalemate in the Middle East and address the outcry over Israel’s deadly raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla last week.

Mr. Obama, meeting with the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, at the White House, also promised a $400 million aid package for the West Bank and Gaza, though only about $70 million represented a new commitment.

What the heck, we don’t need the money. Even a year and half into Hopey Change, lots of us still have jobs.

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The details of how the aid would be used in Gaza remained unclear. Nor was it immediately clear how Mr. Abbas, who has authority in the West Bank but not in Gaza, would be able to administer it.

That’s because Gaza is administrated by Hamas, one of the world’s most infamous Islamic terror outfits. Excuse me, I meant to say, “among the most oppressed victims of political, economic, and social forces compelled by root causes to become orchestrators of man-caused disasters.”

Hamas doesn’t just kill Israelis, by the way. But then, any enemy of America and Americans has a friend in our current government.

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