After DEVASTATING Terror Attack In Israel, Obama Gives Prime Minister Netanyahu THIS Advice…

After DEVASTATING Terror Attack In Israel, Obama Gives Prime Minister Netanyahu THIS Advice…

I don’t know what I was expecting, but this is par for the course in regards to how America has been treating our ally, Israel.

That doesn’t mean I’m not going to be extremely upset over it, but it’s not a deviation from the depressing norm.


From Young Conservatives:

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Tel Aviv, Israel just recently experienced an awful terror attack that left many folks injured and four dead, a horrible tragedy that absolutely demands military action.

But not so fast.

Our dear leader of the free world, Barack Obama, says Israel shouldn’t fight back against this horrific act of terror and seek to get justice for the victims and their families.

This man is despicable.

From Jerusalem Post:

The State Department underscored its condemnation of an attack on civilians at a Tel Aviv market on

Thursday, but cautioned the Israeli government to “exercise restraint” as it vows to increase security control over the West Bank and its residents.

“We understand the Israeli government’s desire to protect its citizens after this kind of terrorist attack,” said Mark Toner, a spokesman for the State Department. “We would just hope that any measures that Israel takes would be designed to not escalate tensions any further, but we certainly respect their desire to express outrage and to protect the safety of their people.”

Nine Israelis were shot on Wednesday night by at least three Palestinian men, in what has been characterized by the United Nations, the US and Israel as an act of terror. Four of the victims have died.

The decision by Israel not to return the bodies of dead Palestinian perpetrators to their families– a policy Israel considers a deterrent against future attacks– is “obviously an internal matter for Israel to debate,” Toner remarked. But he made note of Israel’s decision to constrict ease of travel for thousands of Palestinians in and out of the strip.

Toner said the US seeks to “simply caution” Israel to “take into account” the affect that these new security measures, including an increase in troops, will have on the lives of Palestinian civilians.

Israeli citizens are attacked on their own land and our advice as a country is to “not escalate tensions”? Newsflash ding dong, the tensions were escalated when Palestinians pulled out guns and murdered innocent people! At this point they should worry less about hurting Obama’s delicate feelings and worry more about protecting their own people, because they’re not going to get the support they need from us.

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