Do The Jews In Turkey Ignore The Rise Of Islamism At Their Own Peril?

Turkey, the gateway between the East and West has had some disquieting news:

A Turkish newspaper reports that police burst into an Istanbul synagogue during recent Sabbath services and demanded worshipers’ ID’s.

The Turkish Milliyet newspaper reported that the Muslim government in Turkey appears to be cracking down on non-Muslim minorities. The individual communities are not being permitted to have their own leaders; one person will be recognized by the government to represent all the minorities as one. As the Christian community outnumbers the Jewish one, it is expected that a Christian will serve as “Chief Rabbi.” This issue may have been resolved, however; see below.

In addition, Christian and Jewish children are being placed in separate non-Muslim public school classes. In Jewish schools, only Turkish citizens are allowed to be registered — preventing the son of a Jewish United States consul worker from studying in a Jewish school.

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Finally, Turkish authorities raided the Hemdat Yisrael synagogue in Istanbul one Sabbath morning, the most crowded day of the week, and demanded that worshipers produce identification and proof of residence. Most worshipers did not have the required papers because of Sabbath restrictions, but were allowed to produce them at the conclusion of the Sabbath.

Is it just me or does it seem like there’s a rise in anti-semitism again?

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