Human Right’s Watch Worker Nazi Memorabilia-Collecting Wierdo

He’s not the only antisemitic HRW worker, so, take their blabbing about Israel’s human rights “violations” for the nonsense it is. Bookworm has the whole story:

Omri Ceren, who blogs at Mere Rhetoric, is a member of the Watcher of Weasels Council. He is as good a blogger as one can get, and someone with a real gift for ferreting out the truth behind the story. So it was no surprise that Omri, using what he describes as simple due diligence, discovered that yet another high level member of Human Rights Watch, an ostensibly objective organization that is in fact fiercely hostile to Israel, has a distinctly unsavory past, and one with strong ties to antisemitism. Omri’s discovery concerned Marc Garlasco, who happens to have an obsessive interesting in Nazi uniforms. Garlasco’s interest transcends mere hobbyism. As Omri details, Garlasco exhibits what veers into a libidinous excitement about Nazi uniforms, something that makes an ugly package when combined with his slobbering servility to Palestinians, his hostility to Israel, and his regular lies about the Jewish state.

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