Israel Delivers Payback For Gilad Schalit One Bullet At A Time

Israel Delivers Payback For Gilad Schalit One Bullet At A Time

The Israelis have some of the best trained, most lethal killers in the world and if you’re one of the Palestinian terrorists who kidnapped Gilad Schalit, they’re looking for you. It’s the Israeli payback for the 1972 murders of their Olympic athletes all over again.

Terrorists in Gaza who had links to the 2006 abduction of IDF soldier Gilad Schalit are “dying in unfortunate accidents,” Homeland Security Minister Matan Vilnai said in Jerusalem on Wednesday.

…Speaking at a high school in the capital in honor of Jerusalem Day, Vilnai added that few Hamas members are aware of Schalit’s location.

“Hamas knows that Israel will do everything to release Gilad Schalit. [Hamas Prime Minister Ismail] Haniyeh and the Hamas chief of staff don’t know where Gilad is being held. A group is holding him, and it knows,” he said.

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“Many of them are no longer with us. [They are] unfortunate ones, all sorts of accidents [are befalling them],” Vilnai added.

“Everyone who was involved in the kidnapping won’t need to worry about an old age home. They won’t get there.”

Happy hunting, Israel. I hope you kill you every last, stinking one of them!

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