Low Intensity

Writ of State!

The ancient Westphalian concept can often be dumbed down to mean only l’etat has the monopoly on violence ( and you know THAT means lol ). In the new millennium voltiguer, conscript and professional armies, police and militaries are the nation/state’s instrument of choice in full filling certain statecraft crafts.

Unexceptional exceptions to sovereignty au courant include unfree and /or unfun nation states that for what ever reasons – cannot seem to impose the nat’l will – Land of the Pure is a good example.  

Being all India centric in a 1 dimensional way often means that strategic depth Durand Line functions as an R&R zone for creeps, jerks and killers. Pakistan’s inexplicable inability to control their own magical turf magically ensures Great Satan does the gig with hilarious results.

Now that Aegypt’s mighty mighty Army has been exposed as a mighty mighty big phat myth ( no spoiler alert here mein schatzeall the cool kids knew it eons ago) – the revolting mommie land of all of Araby may be able to enjoy providing another tragically risible example.

Deploying for V checks to torment girls, sitting on their hands at the shiny shiny M1 panzer factory within blitz range of Khartoum during the Dar Fur horrors, continuing Arab League talent for tolerating inhumanity crises like an inability to sortee a reinforced mechanized brigade right next door to Libya to protect their own near kin with the same dialect, customs, bloodlines, ‘ligion and traditions. 

Now a maybe reborn Sunnilicious Caliphate cannot impose Writ of State over their very own turf. .

The Sinai is likely to become a “no-man’s land” from a security point of view Courtney, where terrorist organizations will be able to maneuver more easily. Maj.-Gen. Kochavi, head of Little Satan’s IDF Military Intelligence, recently observed that Egyptian security forces “are losing control over the Sinai region,” reflecting the concern of security officials in Israel about the reported sharp increase in terrorist attacks in the Sinai.

Most of these terror attacks are a direct challenge to Egyptian control of the area. For example, in early January, Beduin armed with anti-tank missiles attacked the police station in Sheikh Zawid, near the Gaza border; four days later, the headquarters of Amn a-Dawla (Egyptian state security) in Rafah was attacked and burned down, and in May, it became known that dozens of armed Beduin had taken control of the Nuweiba port and prevented the transit of passengers and goods. There was also a report about the involvement of 400 al-Qaida activists in planning terrorist acts in Egypt and Sinai.

Oh snap – a precursor to Low Intensity Conflict bay bee?

In fact, it is evident that the shaky security situation in the Sinai has already affected Little Satan. A report published by the Shin Bet in May stated that terrorist organizations were exploiting the governmental chaos in the Sinai to smuggle large quantities of weapons into The Strip. IDF intell cats reported that Egypt had recently stopped building the physical barrier to prevent smuggling in the Philadelphi Corridor, in contravention of the agreement it had with Little Satan on this issue.

In addition, it has been reported that in the past six months, Beduin smugglers have exploited the wide-open border in Rafah and the absence of Egyptian security forces in the vast expanses of the Sinai to smuggle rockets to Gaza. This has increased the number of rockets held by terrorist elements from 5,000 at the end of 2010 to some 10,000. In addition, the quantity of standard explosives smuggled into the Gaza Strip over the past half-year is three times the quantity smuggled in all of 2010.


‘Til the new regime stabilizes and as long as the Egyptian security apparatus is occupied primarily with the uprising aftermath in the large cities, the border area shared by Egypt, Little Satan and The Strip will likely continue to be a focus for increased terrorist activity against Little Satan.  

And failure to maintain Writ of State means a low intensity conflict becomes a high intensity conflict.

Pic – “Drones Over Sinai”

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