NY Times Wrings Their Hands Over Whether Israeli Tactics To Protect Civilians Works

Interestingly, we never see these kinds of articles in much of the major world (non-Israeli) media when it is Hamas or some other Islamist group launching attacks which are intentionally intended to target Israeli civilians, using methods such as suicide bombers and rocket attacks

Tactics Questioned as Civilian Toll Climbs

The blast from the Israeli strike was so powerful that it threw an iron door clear over several neighboring houses. It came to rest along with a twisted laundry rack still laden on Monday with singed clothes and a child’s slipper.

When the strike leveled a four-story house in the southern Gaza Strip the night before, it also killed 25 members of four family households – including 19 children – gathered to break the daily Ramadan fast together. Relatives said it also killed a guest of the family, identified by an Israeli human rights group as a member of the Hamas military wing, ostensibly Israel’s target.

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The attack was the latest in a series of Israeli strikes that have killed families in their homes, during an offensive that Israel says is meant to stop militant rocket fire that targets its civilians and destroy Hamas’s tunnel network.

The Palestinian deaths – 75 percent of them civilians, according to a United Nations count – have prompted a wave of international outrage, and are raising questions about Israel’s stated dedication to protecting civilians.

Let’s face it, Israel is always going to be condemned by Leftists around the world, who, like the Islamists, despise Israel and Jews (sadly, there are plenty of Jews who feel the same way) and want Israel pushed into the sea. When they are being attacked with rockets, Israel is blamed and told they are the aggressor, that Israel is a terrorist nation, that Israel should stop doing (insert mean thing here) to those poor Palestinians. We hear about “disproportionate responses”. Perhaps Israel should just launch the same types of missiles Hamas uses towards Gaza, let the chips fall whatever way they will. Then they will be condemned.

Israel blames Hamas, saying they have chosen to keep operating among civilians.

But while Israel has in the past killed Hamas members with attacks so precise that others riding in their cars have survived, in this conflict, there have been numerous instances of family homes being struck with residents inside. More and more Palestinians are accusing Israel of trying to inflict maximum suffering to demoralize Palestinians and weaken support for Hamas.

Perhaps if Hamas didn’t embed themselves and their weapons within civilian areas, this wouldn’t be a problem.

The article continues it’s soft condemnation of Israel, but, at the end of the day, all Israel wants is to be left alone. The answers are simple: Hamas and the other Palestinians need to stop the attacks, stop digging tunnels into Israel, and turn Gaza into a nice place to live, rather than an armed Islamist camp. It’s on Gazans to stop perpetuating the cycle of violence. If they stop, Israel won’t respond.

On Monday, the neighborhood was ghostly quiet. Most residents had fled, and where the home had been was a deep bomb crater and piles of rubble.

At the house next door, a little girl, seeing journalists approach in flak jackets, sat on a stoop, put her face in her hands and wept.

And we can blame this on Hamas, and all the Leftist Israel haters who mostly refuse to tell Hamas, Hezbollah, and other Islamist groups, to stop their attacks. The support from international Israel haters emboldens the Islamists to attack. The blood is on their hands.

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