The Obama Regime Condemns Israel For Demolishing The Homes Of Palestinian Terrorists…

They condemn the ones who are having their people murdered by terrorists, but notice that Obama and Co. are not chastising the Palestinians at all. They think the Israelis should just take having their people mowed down and killed like good little Jews. I don’t blame Netanyahu for doing this at all – you attack Israelis, the very least that should happen is your home is demolished. Better still, kill the attackers, which the Israelis are very, very good at.

From the Times of Israel:

The US government condemned Thursday the scheduled demolition of homes belonging to Palestinians who carried out terror attacks in Israel, with State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki contending that such a move amounted to collective punishment and would only heighten tensions in the region.

Psaki’s statement came hours after the Home Front Command issued an order to demolish the home of the Palestinian man who carried out a terrorist attack in central Jerusalem in August.

The terrorist, East Jerusalem resident Muhammed Naif El-Ja’abis, was shot dead by police shortly after running over a pedestrian and ramming a stolen excavator into a bus. Following the excavator attack, security officials told Channel 2 news that the assess Ja’abis may have been motivated to carry out the attack by revenge, after his cousin’s home had been demolished by Israeli authorities a short while earlier.

In light of the surging violence in Jerusalem and across the West Bank, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the full reinstatement of a policy of demolishing the homes of Palestinians who perpetrate terror attacks against Israelis, during an emergency cabinet meeting last week. The policy had rarely been implemented in the past ten years.

Babies and innocent people are run over by these monsters and killed in horrendous ways and all Obama can do is wag his finger at Israel and admonish them. It is blatant antisemitism and an obvious love of Islam and evil. Israel should be lauded for their restraint and for what they do… America currently should be condemned for their actions. We sooo need a new government and to clean House and Senate of the enemies within.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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