Palestinian Sympathy Fatigue

“Palestine!? Wouldn’t I be crazy to want that?”

To paraphrase the avuncular Britishy cat (‘ello luv) that seemed psychically on target nigh unto a decade past.

Everybody knows about the Nakbah – essentially a land grab by Little Satan’s neighboring nation states that went horribly wrong – granting Little Satan even more real estate!
Since Nazi time Deutschland and Imperial Nippon screamed “God! Please! Stop!” there have been born more than 100 nation states and the movements of hundreds of borders. Border moving – seldom agreeable to everyone – yet nation states accepted them as a settled border was better than war.

Germany accepted losing Prussia, Russia accepted the secession of Kazakstan and Serbs are handling the idea of Kosovo. The Greeks are handling Turkey’s illegit occupation of Cyprus. Syria is doing just fine without Golan.

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Even in 3rd world states gave up treasured aspirations rather than shed blood forever – Somalia gave up Ogaden, Guatemala stopped demanding Belize and Indonesia finally gave up East Timor.

There is one glaring, bizarro conspicuous exception to this willingness to accept facts – no matter how disappointing they are

Why cause Palestine is magically different? No diss meant – yet it’s tough to get all weepy eyed about the grandchildren and great grandchildren of a little more than half a million Palestinians that reaped the funintended consequences of repeatedly attacking a democratic member of the UN and repeatedly losing wars launched by their own leaders.

Roughly less than 7 million kindred Arabs ppl absorbed by a collective of nation states numbering 300 million would be easy, fun and fast to do.

Annexation and Right of Relocation would be far easier than Arab League, Fatah or HAMAS’ to Officially Recog Little Satan, swap ambassadors and renounce intentions to destroy a democratic member of the UN.

Might as well get started now.

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