Poll: Americans Support Israel Actions 42% To 38%

What does this mean? That 38% are Israel haters

(Politico) A slim plurality of Americans believe Israel’s actions against Hamas are justified, a new poll says.

According to a Gallup poll released Tuesday, 42 percent of Americans say Israel’s actions against Hamas are justified, compared with 38 percent who say they are unjustified. (WT note: 21% have no opinion)

By contrast, only 14 percent of Americans believe that Hamas’ actions against Israel are justified, with 66 percent saying they are unjustified.

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U.S. public opinion on the matter has barely moved from when Gallup last tracked the question 10 days ago.

So, 38% are idiots. I wonder how they would feel if it was, say, Canada lobbing missiles into the U.S. or people sneaking across the southern border….oh, right, these people already support that kind of lawless action. But, it’s no wonder so many feel Israel is unjustified in protecting itself when major (left leaning) media outlets print Palestinian/Hamas propaganda like this

(NY Times) In the eyes of an occupying power, the humanity of those under its thumb depends on the degree of their submission to, or collaboration with, the occupation. If the occupied population chooses to stand in the way of the occupier’s goals, then they are demonized, which allows the occupier the supposed moral excuse of confronting them with all possible means, no matter how harsh.

The Israeli occupation of Palestine is one of the only remaining settler-colonial occupations in the world today.

And it is not limited to East Jerusalem and the West Bank: Although Israel withdrew its settlers and army from Gaza in 2005, it is still recognized by the United Nations as an occupying power, due to its complete control of Gaza’s airspace, sea access and of almost all of its land borders. (snip)

There is now an extremist, racist ideological current in Israel that not only justifies the recent onslaught on the Gaza Strip, but actually encourages the use of enormous and disproportionate violence against civilians, which has led to the extermination of entire families. (snip)

If Israel wants to continue its occupation and hinder Palestinians’ path to freedom and independence, then it should be aware that the Palestinian people will continue to resist with all the means at their disposal. If Israel intends to end the occupation, then it will find that the Palestinians are more than ready for an agreement.

That op-ed was written by Ali Jarbawi, a political scientist at Birzeit University and a former minister of the Palestinian Authority. The Times even went so far as to translate it. Not once does it mention the violence and threats from groups like Hamas. No mention of the tunnels nor rocket fire. No mention of the violent terrorist attacks. This is much of what the American public sees, blame of Israel, little blame on Hamas.

At the Washington Post, David Ignatius attempts to put all the burden on Netanyahu for a long term peace, virtually excusing Hamas. While there have certainly been a few articles and opinion pieces in favor of Israel, most tend to slam Israel, to put the burden for peace on Israel, and excuse Hamas.

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