Terrorists Released Because Of John Kerry Unleash Mayhem Upon Israel

Remember this story from last July?

The media are aglow with reports that Israeli-Palestinian talks are resuming, thanks to the determined efforts of President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry. Palestinians did not want to return to talks, so the Obama administration forced Israel to make a terrible concession: the release of 104 long-term prisoners, including terrorists and murderers. Palestinians did not trade anything substantive in exchange.

A story that came out today sheds light on how well the policy of releasing terrorists is working out for Israel:

The Palestinian sniper who Tuesday, Dec. 24, shot dead an Israeli civilian employed by the IDF to repair the damaged Gazan border fence, sent Israeli government and military chiefs into an agony of indecision over how to fight back against surging Palestinian terrorism attacks without derailing ongoing US-sponsored Middle East peace talks. …

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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had hoped that by refraining from punishing the Palestinian attacks – spreading out from Gaza, across the West Bank, in Jerusalem and inside Israel – he could bring the talks to a successful conclusion. But he was wrong. Like his predecessors, he failed to meet the challenge which defeated them too: How to talk peace with the Palestinians under terrorist aggression. …

A second batch of convicted Palestinian terrorists is due for release next week, in line with the commitment Israel gave for drawing the Palestinians into the US-sponsored Middle East peace talks now underway. Also underway however is a wave of Palestinian violence against Israeli military and civilian targets, whose figures are on a rising curve since the talks began in July.

In 2013, there has been an average of one reported act of Palestinian terror every two days.

Intelligence officials have finally established that the violence is being deliberately ratcheted up by a single group. It is the hard core of the 1,027 Palestinian terrorist-killers swapped for the release two years ago of Gilead Shalit, the Israeli soldier held hostage by Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Trading over a thousand maniacs for one soldier is bound to have an effect on the frequency of kidnapping. The effects of setting killers free are also inevitable.

This group consists of 40 of the most hardened killers from among the 230 released terrorists who were expelled to the Gaza Strip and Turkey. They have established a new terrorist command. Intelligence sources have also identified its ringleaders as Saleh Al-Aruri and Amana Muna. Based safely in Istanbul, they are pulling the strings of the new surge of attacks through their strong West Bank connections.

Al-Aruri, former commander of the West Bank military wing of Hamas, was serving a life sentence for multiple murder. He walked free two years ago after 15 years in a cell which he used for recruiting members of the different Palestinian organizations serving time in the same prison. …

The other ringleader is a woman, Amana Muna, who lured the Israeli youth Ofir Rahum from Ashkelon to his death in 2001 in what became known as the “Internet murder.”

A member of Fatah, upon her release two years ago, she was decorated for bravery in person by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

Abbas is portrayed by our Islamophile media as a moderate, and by our Islamophile government as a partner for peace.

The lesson is as simple as it is familiar and irrefutable. Catch a terrorist, kill the terrorist. The alternative is to lose to these fiends, which is unthinkable.

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