This Is Why People Believe President Obama Hates Israel….Oh, And America, Too

Over at Exurban Jon’s place I read this from CNN and felt sick to my stomach:

“The United States will contribute $400 million in development aid to the Palestinian territories and work with Israel to loosen its embargo on Gaza, President Barack Obama said Wednesday.

Obama’s announcement came after White House talks with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. The money will be used to build housing, schools, water and health care systems in both the Palestinian Authority-controlled West Bank and Gaza, which is ruled by the Palestinian Islamic movement Hamas.

Jon reacts with horror:

Let me get this straight. Our economy has cratered. Unemployment is nearly 10 percent. The national debt is expected to exceed our gross national product by next year. And we’re giving $400,000,000 to our mortal enemies in Gaza?

$400,000,000 to the Hamas-led death cult allied with Iran and Syria? $400,000,000 to the people who celebrated the destruction of the twin towers? $400,000,000 to rain thousands more rockets upon Israeli women and children?

See, this is why Americans feel deeply suspicious of President Obama and his feelings toward Israel, and by extension, America, herself.

Here’s a thought: Every dollar sent to the Gaza strip means it’s one less dollar the people there have to spend to take care of themselves. That is, they have zero incentive to stop being death-cult beasts. All their earthly gain can be funneled to the tools for war.

When America sends this savage bunch money, she participates in the arming aiding of our own enemy–of Israel’s enemy. It’s absurd.

It’s absurd unless you hate Israel. It’s absurd unless you believe America to be a bunch of terrorists, instead of a force for good in the world. And this is why people believe the President took in more at old Jeremiah Wright’s church than previously assumed.

And by the way, it’s also why no one believes the administration when they say they’ll be tough with Iran.

What in any of President Obama’s bowing, scraping, submissive posturing makes anyone believe he will take this thugocracy in hand? Nothing.

President Obama has turned into the worst of all worlds: domestic policy failure and a foreign policy rube.

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