UN Human Rights Commission: Israeli Blockade Would Have Been Illegal Even If Bin Laden On The Ship

Just when you need more insanity from the United Nation, they are ready and available to provide it

Israel’s blockade of a Gaza-bound flotilla last May would have been illegal, even if Osama bin Laden himself had been on the ship full of pro-Palestinian activists, a member of a U.N.-appointed fact-finding mission told the Human Rights Council.

The Geneva-based HRC is considering a report by the three-member commission that investigated the so-called “flotilla incident” — Israel’s interception at sea of Gaza-bound vessels, including the Turkish-flagged Mavi Marmara, on May 31, 2010. The ensuing deadly clashes between Israeli commandos and pro-Palestinian activists left nine activists dead.

Accusing Israel of war crimes, the report stated that the seizure of the ship was illegal, based on the determination that the Israeli blockade was itself illegal under international law.

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Shocker! I wonder if there will be a mention of Egypt being a partner and participant in the Gaza blockade? Na, we know this is all about the Jew/Israeli hatred, and, despite the massive amount of material submitted to the UN HRC by UN Watch, well, they had an interesting response to UN Watch representative Leon Saltiel

Da Silva then added that Saltiel’s comments betrayed an ignorance of the law.

“Even if bin Laden himself was on board the Mavi Marmara it wouldn’t have made the blockade legal.”

Would it shock you to learn that the hearing was dominate by the Organization of the Islamic Conference bloc? Aren’t you glad we give billions of dollars to the UN every year?

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