Ivanka Trump Praises Military on 4th of July… Gets an EARFUL on Twitter

Ivanka Trump Praises Military on 4th of July… Gets an EARFUL on Twitter

Did anyone wish you a Happy Independence Day? Or tell you to have a nice Fourth of July before offering you something from the barbecue?

Well, if you were like liberal Twitter, you should’ve immediately swatted that hot dog out of their hands and insulted their father! Because that’s what happened to Ivanka when she sent out this nice, normal, patriotic little note on social media:

Just because it’s a day off to enjoy with your family watching fireworks, doesn’t mean you have to take a day off of being a nasty person, because angry, angry people flooded Ivanka with responses right back. Here are some of the best of the worst:


This next one is good, because their Twitter profile says of them: “Texan born & raised. Believe in the Constitution, Republican & Ted Cruz supporter. FYI just because I criticize Trump or anybody else does not make me a Liberal.”

And another stand-out account, whose bio reads: “Trump is a racist, misogynistic, homophobic a**wipe who should have never been elected. #NotMyPresident #TheResistance #TraitorTrump #PutinsPuppet #Indivisible.”

It wasn’t just idiots who are still furious that they must endure the waking nightmare of a MAGA presidency instead of that old pantsuit wearing, Benghazi-ignoring political wife. There were normal, happy, healthy people sending nice messages right back.






As reported in The Independent Journal Review, even Melania had trash thrown at her when she tweeted something nice about the holiday:

First Lady Melania Trumpoffered a sincere message via Twitter, calling America “the land of the free because of the brave” — and critics immediately attacked her.

She tweeted this nice homage to the many branches of armed men and women who keep the country safe…

And of the many attacks sent to her, many of them were denigrating her modeling career, with people posting her previous semi-nude photo shoots back at her.

To sum up my reaction to the ridiculous tweets that were spawned at the Trump clan yesterday, here’s Donald himself posting in 2014:

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