Violence Plagued Chicago Suing Trump Admin For Cracking Down On Sanctuary Cities [VIDEO]

Violence Plagued Chicago Suing Trump Admin For Cracking Down On Sanctuary Cities [VIDEO]

Chicago is arguably the most violent city in the US. It is a literal killing field and all because it is led by Marxists such as Rahm Emanuel who strip citizens there of the means to protect themselves. In a move that is hardly surprising, Chicago is now suing Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice over the threat to withhold federal public safety grant money because Chicago is an illegal sanctuary city that harbors criminal illegal aliens. Many of those same illegal immigrants are part of gangs that hurt and kill people in Chicago. But instead of protecting their citizens, Chicago protects their criminals. That’s insane.

Chicago is also bankrupt, which includes their school system. They are now paying out more in interest than they are in debt and they are going to implode before long. This is why they are grasping at federal funds. But instead of following the rule of law, they are thumbing their noses at it and demanding money even though they are in no position to do so. Thus, they turn to legal warfare. It’s the Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel way.

From Reuters:

CHICAGO/NEW YORK (Reuters) – Chicago will sue the Trump administration on Monday over threats to withhold public safety grant money from so-called sanctuary cities, escalating a pushback against a federal immigration crackdown, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced on Sunday.

The federal lawsuit comes less than two weeks after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the U.S. Justice Department would bar cities from a certain grant program unless they allow immigration authorities unlimited access to local jails and provide 48 hours’ notice before releasing anyone wanted for immigration violations.

“Chicago will not let our police officers become political pawns in a debate,” Emanuel, a Democrat, said at a news conference. “Chicago will not let our residents have their fundamental rights isolated and violated. And Chicago will never relinquish our status as a welcoming city.”

Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grants provide money to hundreds of cities, and the Trump administration has requested $380 million in funding next year. Chicago, a regular target of Republican President Donald Trump because of its murder rate, expected to receive $3.2 million this year for purchasing equipment.

Emanuel said the lawsuit would prevent the Trump administration from setting a precedent that could be used to target other funding.

This pushback comes just one week after Portland, Oregon authorities arrested an illegal immigrant for raping a 65 year-old woman. He had been deported 20 times. Then there is North Carolina, where another illegal immigrant just sexually assaulted an 89 year-old woman. He had been previously deported too. Many of these criminals run in gangs… they commit robberies, rapes and murders and they choose sanctuary cities where they will be protected even if they are caught. Chicago is doubling down on this heinous practice.

California is actually ordering their officials and police to not allow ICE to do their jobs. This has to be stopped. If necessary, the federal government and the National Guard should step in. Chicago’s funds should be cut off despite the lawsuit. The Justice Department said more Chicagoans were murdered last year than residents of Los Angeles and New York combined, and cited comments by Sessions last week saying sanctuary cities “make all of us less safe.” What Emanuel is doing is dangerous and deadly and the DOJ should not stand for it.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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