BREAKING: Black Unemployment Hits Record Low 6.8 Percent Under President Trump [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Black Unemployment Hits Record Low 6.8 Percent Under President Trump [VIDEO]

The unemployment rate for blacks and recent veterans dropped in December. The jobless rate for African-Americans fell to 6.8% in November, as more people were hired in this strong economy.

The unemployment rate for blacks is at its lowest level since 1972 when the metric first was tracked. It is still higher than other demographics but the unemployment gap between African-Americans and whites is the narrowest it has even been according to economist Michael Feroli.

The rate for veterans who have served in any branch of the armed forces since September 2001, plummeted to 3.3%, the lowest level in the data dating back to 2008.

Most economists predicted a greater addition of jobs in December, but after all was said and done, the economy added 148,000 jobs. The overall unemployment rate remained at 4.1%.

This is not great for the narrative of black people being oppressed in this country. From Black Lives Matter to intersectional feminism, there is a noxious narrative that somehow we are an institutionally racist country. Everyone told us that Trump is a racist, xenophobic Nazi who would take the country back in time 50 years socially. Instead, we are seeing a 40% reduction in the corporate tax rate and a general tax cut that should put more money in Americans’ pockets.

Just take a look at the data.

Under the Obama administration, blacks did horribly. The unemployment rate in Dec. 2012 was 14% for them. That is an awful number. Now, we all know these statistics are severely flawed and that they don’t give a bigger picture of the economy. But as long as they use the same methodology and are always making the same flaws, the comparative rates can give general trends. There is just no doubt that the economy is doing much better than it was doing under the previous administration. That is not to say that the Federal Reserve is still not holding our economy hostage and needs to be at least audited if not eliminated.

It is telling that the mainstream media is always fixated on how much Trump eats for dinner, what covfefe means, or his latest Twitter episode. They are singularly focused on trying to bring him down and make his presidency seem like it carries no legitimacy. While he can be brash and certainly doesn’t act “presidential,” he is secretly making America great again with judges who will uphold the Constitution as it was originally intended to be interpreted and instilling confidence in the seemingly never ending ramshackle economy.

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