20 Questions About Obamacare

Because Barack Obama voted “present” on the health care bill by refusing to submit his own bill, Americans have been left with a number of different bills in Congress to evaluate. This has been made more difficult by the fact that the Democrats, including Barack Obama — scratch that — ESPECIALLY Barack Obama, have been lying about what’s in the bills winding their way through Congress. Meanwhile, the mainstream media has stopped asking any tough questions and has simply taken on the role of a love struck cheerleader waving pom poms for her dashing boyfriend, the quarterback of the health care plan.

So, let’s talk about the basic questions YOU should have answered to your satisfaction before you consider supporting any health care bill that comes out of Congress. As you read these questions, keep in mind that every one has been inspired by bills that are moving through Congress as we speak.

1) Medicare and Social Security are driving this country into bankruptcy. Can we afford another gargantuan government entitlement program when we know we can’t pay for the programs we already have?

2) Given that the Medicare system will soon be going into the red, does it make sense to attempt to cut 500 billion dollars in funds out of the program to move over to another entitlement program?

3) One of the biggest selling points of government run health care is that it will reduce costs. How can anyone believe the same federal government that is running an almost 2 trillion dollar deficit is going to be financially responsible enough to cut health care costs.

4) Will people who have previously decided not to get health care coverage be forced to spend a significant portion of their income on mandated coverage or risk huge fines or perhaps even jail time?

5) Will abortions be covered under the health care plan?

6) Will illegal aliens be able to get coverage?

7) Will you have to deal with the IRS in order to pay your medical bills?

8) Would you be able to keep your current doctor under a new plan?

9) If you like your insurance plan, will you be allowed to keep it?

10) If the health care bill passes, will dozens of government bureaucrats suddenly have access to your private medical records, which are zealously guarded under our current laws?

11) Given that the cost of lawsuits and tort reform significantly drive up the cost of medical care for all Americans, why is tort reform not being included in these bills?

12) By simply giving tax breaks to individuals instead of employers, Congress could make health care portable; so you wouldn’t risk losing your health care when you lose your job. Why isn’t that being considered?

13) The employee mandates in the bill could cost as many as 1.5 million people their jobs. Does it make sense to do that in a recession?

14) The new health care plan will dramatically increase taxes on expensive plans by 1/3. But quickly, because of medical inflation, other much more modest plans will become worth enough to be hit with the tax. Does it really make sense to implement what will become a gigantic new tax on the middle class?

15) Will the health care bill destroy the insurance industry and leave the country with a single payer system run by the government?

16) There has been a lot of talk about making insurance companies compete. In fact, that is the biggest stated rationale for the public option. However, if this is so, why aren’t these health plans allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines? That would inspire real market based competition.

17) You can sue an insurance company if they illegally deny your claim. Will you be able to do the same if the government is running things?

18) Obama is promising that insurance companies can’t turn you down for coverage if you’re sick, drop you if you lie about your coverage, or place any kind of cap on how much coverage you can get. Do you really believe insurance companies can continue to exist and function under those circumstances?

19) There are only roughly 8-10 million people who want insurance but can’t afford it. Why not concentrate on helping those people instead overhauling the whole system?

20) What guarantees do the American people have that senior citizens won’t be denied life saving treatment to save money as they are in nations like Britain?

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