The 25 Most Influential People On The Right For 2014

The 25 Most Influential People On The Right For 2014

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Honorable Mentions: Sheldon Adelson, Roger Ailes, Brent Bozell, Ben Carson, Tucker Carlson, Todd Cefaratti, Chris Chocola, Jim DeMint, Jonathan Garthwaite, Trey Gowdy, Greg Gutfeld, Darrell Issa, Bobby Jindal, Matt Kibbe, Charles Krauthammer, Mike Lee, Kathryn Jean Lopez, Michelle Malkin, Alex Marlow, Jenny Beth Martin, Bill O’Reilly, Tony Perkins, Judson Phillips, Reince Priebus, Glenn Reynolds, Marco Rubio ,Christopher Ruddy, Sal Russo, Antonin Scalia, Thomas Sowell, Dustin Stockton, Erik Telford, Joe Wierzbicki
25) Paul Ryan: The former VP candidate has been a difference-maker in the House, although not in a way a lot of conservatives have been pleased to see. Ryan was one of the strongest voices calling for amnesty and he also helped undermine the sequestration cuts that were one of the Republican Party’s few victories against spending.

24) James O’Keefe: O’Keefe’s high profile stings have proven to be extremely effective. One video from O’Keefe accomplishes more than a week of front page stories at any paper in the nation.
23) Laura Ingraham: Ingraham is a regular on TV and has two million listeners to her radio show, but she has also been playing in elections this year. How much of an impact has she had? Well, you could ask Eric Cantor who is now in the private sector largely because Ingraham backed his opponent Dave Brat.

22) Dick Cheney: George W. Bush has largely avoided politics since he left office, but his VP hasn’t followed in his footsteps. Cheney has taken a number of hard swings at Obama on foreign policy and has drawn blood on more than a few occasions.

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21) John McCain: McCain’s belligerent foreign policy seems to be out-of-step with most Republicans in the post-Bush era and his poorly thought-out support for rebels in ISIS has definitely hurt his reputation, but the former presidential nominee still has a lot of sway in the Senate.

20) Grover Norquist: Norquist is one of the most well connected Republicans in Washington and for good or for ill, he’s the man who gets to decide what counts as a tax increase and what doesn’t for Republicans in D.C. If Norquist signs off on a tax increase, then it isn’t treated as a tax increase.

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