7 GOP Candidates Who Can Slide Daggers Into The Heart Of The Left In November

Since I’m one of the people who’s always complaining that conservative bloggers, columnists, and talk radio hosts don’t do enough to get conservatives elected, I think I have a special responsibility to step up and help some candidates. So here are 7 Republicans running for House seats that I believe deserve our support.

1) Renee Ellmers: Ellmers is a conservative candidate who has taken a particularly strong stand on the Ground Zero Mosque. She’s also in a tight race with Bob Etheridge, who’s best known for assaulting a college kid who asked him,

“Do you fully support the Obama agenda?” Renee is a quality candidate, it’s a Republican district, and polls have shown that it’s a close race. However, Etheridge has a big money advantage. Ellmers could use our help to even the score.

2) Daniel Webster: Webster is going toe-to-toe with the biggest loud mouth punk in Congress, Alan Grayson. Grayson regularly says things like this,

Fox News and their Republican collaborators are the enemy of America. They’re the enemy of anybody who cares about health care, the enemy of anybody who cares about educating their children, the enemy of anybody who wants energy independence or anything good for this country. And certainly the enemy of peace, there’s no doubt about that.

In other words, Grayson is the real life representation of the bad guy in every Hollywood movie these days: a loud mouthed, bullying rich guy with no redeeming values whatsoever outside of his wallet.
Despite the fact that it’s a Republican district, Grayson is ahead right now because he has more money to spend and because there are third party candidates draining off some of Webster’s support. However, Grayson’s numbers are well short of 50% and as the numbers for the third party candidates inevitably plunge, Webster can close the gap and beat him. He could really use our help.

3) Sean Duffy: Duffy, who was on MTV’s “The Real World,” is in a head-to-head battle with Julie Lassa over a seat that has been held by David Obey since 1970. This is an almost deadlocked district that leans slightly to the left, but Duffy, who has a lot of charisma, has been running ahead of Lassa for the seat. Putting a young, charismatic conservative like Duffy in a seat that has been held for so long by an old, socialist bull like David Obey would be sweet nectar, indeed.

4) Tim Burns: John Murtha has gone on to that big pork palace in the sky, but his seat remains in Democratic hands. Mark Critz managed, with the help of a more competitive Senate election on the Democratic side, to defeat Tim Burns in a special election for Murtha’s seat earlier this year. However, Burns will get another crack at it in November and this time around, he will have a better chance to capture “John Murtha’s seat.” Imagine turning the seat John Murtha used to hold into another vote to repeal Obamacare. Now that would be a sweet, sweet victory.

5) Dan Benishek: After spending his career pretending to be a pro-lifer, “Baby Killer” Bart Stupak helped pass a healthcare bill that he had already admitted federally funded abortion. The shame of betraying everything he held dear eventually got to Stupak and he decided to retire in disgrace. Now, his seat is up for grabs and Dan Benishek, who’s a career surgeon, is running for the seat and vowing to help repeal Obamacare. It’s a neck-and-neck race with Democrat Gary McDowell and Benishek could use our support.

6) Sean Bielat: There’s no question that Sean Bielat is the biggest long shot on this list. He’s running 10 points behind his opponent in a +14 Democratic district. Still, his opponent is under 50% and Bielat’s numbers are coming up Scott Brown fast — and, yes, this race is in Massachusetts.

Who’s his opponent, you may ask? Barney Frank. That’s right, folks. Sean Bielat has a legitimate chance to forcibly retire one of the most loathsome men ever to sit in Congress. This is an opportunity that probably will not come again in our lifetimes.

7) Allen West: Allen West served in Operation Desert Storm, in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and in Afghanistan — and he has the medals to prove it. He has a Bronze Star, three Meritorious Service Medals, three Army Commendation Medals (one with Valor), and a Valorous Unit Award. In other words, Kid Rock’s American bad@ss should play every time he walks into a room. Moreover, believe it or not, West talks even better than he fights.

West has been in a close race with Ron Klein and the Democrats have been playing dirty. In fact, it has gotten so bad that the Democrats even sent out a mailer with West’s Social Security number “accidentally” included on it. West deserves our support. Let’s help put him into office so that he can be the “guy that’s gonna walk up…and say one simple thing to Nancy Pelosi, ‘Gimmie that D@mn gavel.’”

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