It’s Time For Christians To Blacklist Mozilla Firefox And OkCupid

It’s Time For Christians To Blacklist Mozilla Firefox And OkCupid

It’s because we don’t DESERVE IT.

Tell me that I’m wrong….but right after you do, explain to me why liberals WET THEMSELVES IN FEAR when they merely THINK ABOUT doing something that could offend Muslims.

There’s a simple reason that Hollywood and liberals don’t take shots at Muslims: Muslims take notice and get offended. You make fun of Allah today and your head might end up in a mailbox tomorrow or some bucktoothed Imam in Pakistan might use it as an excuse to start riots that end up killing a dozen people. CAIR can complain about “stereotypes” all it wants, but that’s reality and judging by the silence we hear coming from most “moderate Muslims” over the way their radical brethren behave, this sort of violent intimidation either doesn’t bother them very much or they’re as frightened as liberals to say anything about it.

So, what lesson can Christians take away from that?

No, it’s not burn down the: New York Times: if Maureen Dowd makes a crack about Jesus. We’re Christians, not radical Islamists; so we don’t do that. Additionally, Muslims are also a tiny sliver of the population, while Christians make up roughly 70% of the country. The truth is, we don’t need to take extreme measures to get the deference we’re due.

We just need to stop ignoring grotesque provocations aimed at our faith. If Christians here in the United States won’t even pick the low hanging fruit and make companies that rely on our business to survive pay a price for disrespecting us, not only do we not deserve respect, people have every reason to question the sincerity of our beliefs.

That brings us to OkCupid and Mozilla Firefox.

OkCupid is a third rate, anti-Christian, anti-conservative, anti-free speech dating site that got extremely upset at Mozilla Firefox.


Because Mozilla Firefox, a third rate, anti-Christian, anti-conservative, anti-free speech browser company, had a CEO named Brendan Eich who gave $1000 to support Prop 8 in 2008.

As you may remember, Prop 8 did nothing more than state the standard Christian position on marriage. It said,: “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”: Not only do 33 other states have similar laws in place, but 52% of Californians supported the constitutional amendment before activist left-wing judges ran roughshod over the will of the people and replaced the law with their personal opinion.

By all accounts, Brandon Eich did nothing illegal, showed no hostility to gay employees and treated no one badly; he just personally took the Christian position on marriage five years ago. For that thought crime, he was forced out at Mozilla Firefox.

That is OkCupid and Mozilla Firefox sending a message.

That message is that they believe people who support traditional marriage are second class citizens. That message is that they don’t respect conservatives. That message is that Christians aren’t welcome to use their products.

So, as a Christian, what are you going to do about it?

Mumble something about it being “unfair?” Whine a little? Are you going to sniffle because they’re picking on you? If you’re a pastor, what are you going to say to your flock about it? Are you going to let it pass so nobody “gets upset?” Is that why you became a pastor? So you could slink away when a church full of people need your leadership because you’re afraid to make people who hate your guts mad?

Want to actually do something about this that matters? Something so easy that ANYONE can do it?

Then if you have Mozilla Firefox, uninstall it from your computer. Are you using OkCupid? Then cancel. If you’re feeling really froggy, post what you’re doing on Facebook, tweet it to the world, share this article and ask your pastor if he’s going to talk about this issue on Sunday. Even if you don’t use Mozilla Firefox or OkCupid, there’s nothing wrong with telling the world that you won’t be using their services in the future because they’re anti-Christian.

See? That’s not exactly being thrown in a fiery furnace or being fed to the lions in the arena, is it? There are Christians all across the world DYING because they believe in Jesus Christ. So, can’t you do this SMALL THING, THIS TINY THING to stand up for your faith? Can’t you make this LITTLE GESTURE that could make such a BIG DIFFERENCE if tens of thousands of other Christians follow your lead?

If you’re tired of seeing Christianity smeared, traditional marriage destroyed and good men mocked because they believe in Jesus Christ, send your own message to Mozilla Firefox and OkCupid. If you believe that Jesus Christ deserves a modicum of respect, PROVE IT. If enough Christians follow in your footsteps, you better believe other businesses will pay attention and they will think twice before they spit in our faces again.: “Faith without works is dead,”my friend, and if we want Christianity to have a future in this country, then it’s time to start standing up, speaking out and fighting back when we’re disrespected like this.

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