The 20 Most Notorious Campaign Ads Of The 2010 Cycle

20) Sharron Angle (Lost): The Wave (Controversial illegal immigration ad)

19) Joe Manchin (Won) Dead Aim: (Manchin literally shoots a hole in the Cap and Trade bill)

18) Sean Duffy (Won): Get America Rolling Again! (Yes, I’m a lumberjack — really!)

17) John Hickenloper (Won): Shower (I take showers with my clothes on because I’m so positive or something)

16) Pamela Gorman (Lost): Driving The Left Nuts! (Gorman firing off weaponry including a machine gun)

15) Linda McMahon (Lost): Cup Of Tea (Please don’t vote against me because I’m involved with pro-wrestling)

14) Renee Ellmers (Won): No Mosque at Ground Zero (Controversial ad opposing the mosque at Ground Zero)

13) John McCain (Won): Complete The Danged Fence (The GOP’s biggest shill for amnesty and open borders becomes John McCain, border warrior!)

12) Sean Bielat (Lost): The Barney Shuffle (Dancing Barney Frank)

11) Meg Whitman (Lost): I’m Ready (Meg refers to the choice between her and Brown as an “unhappy choice.”)

10) Jim Marshall (Lost): Long Way (Marhall’s not a dirty San Francisco hippy like Pelosi)

9) Dale Peterson on behalf of John McMillan (Won): (Dale Peterson will shoot you if you touch John McMillan’s yard signs)

8) Alan Grayson (Lost): Taliban Dan (The single most dishonest ad of the cycle)

7) NRSC on behalf of John Raese (Lost): Washington Joe (Ad featured actors from Philly who were supposed to look like hicks)

6) Jack Conway (Lost): Why? (The backlash from this sleazy ad was the final nail in Conway’s campaign)

5) Carly Fiorina (Lost): Hot Air: The Movie (Hindenboxer: A truly bizarre almost 8 minutes long ad featured a giant blimp-sized Barbara Boxer ad)

4) Rick Barber (Lost): Gather Your Armies (Founding Fathers are ready to go to war)

3) Dale Peterson (Lost): We are Better than That!!!!! (This video screams AWESOME!!!)

2) Christine O’Donnell (Lost): I’m you (Ad starts off, “I’m not a witch.”)

1) Carly Fioria (Lost): FCINO: Fiscal Conservative In Name Only (This may be the worst political ad of all time, the Demon Sheep ad.)

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