This Will Be The GOP’s Best Chance To Reach Black Americans For A Generation

That title runs directly counter to conventional wisdom, doesn’t it? After all, the Democrats just elected a black President who has a 90% approval rating with black Americans. Moreover, the false cries of racism are ever present these days. So how in the world could this be the GOP’s best chance in a generation to reach black Americans?

Simple answer to that question: Human nature.

One of the little oddities that you pick up from being a history buff is that surprisingly, great social movements often don’t occur when the people are relentlessly oppressed. They simply don’t have the energy to pursue it then. They also don’t come when the population is fat and happy. Ideas may be formulated then, but people are usually not restless enough to get on the bandwagon.

Instead, great social movements tend to catch fire after people start to have hope for the future and then come to feel like that hope has been thwarted or at least isn’t coming fast enough. Two examples: The Soviet Union collapsed AFTER they began to reform. Then there’s the civil rights movement in America, which came about after positive changes had started occurring, but didn’t seem to be moving fast enough.

That brings us to Barack Obama.

There’s a reason Barack Obama has a 90% approval rate with black Americans. They’re looking at him like Jackie Robinson, Jack Johnson, or Rosa Parks. In other words, Barack Obama isn’t just another President; to many black Americans he’s a stand-in for them and his success or failure reflects on them personally. This is problematic because Barack Obama has been an utter disaster as President. He’s a complete idiot who can barely find his own behind with both hands. It’s like Jackie Robinson made it to the majors and turned out to be the worst player in the league.

So, that puts many black Americans in a tough spot: They objectively know Obama’s doing a terrible job. They know he’s not even helping the black community. They may not even personally like him. However, they’re afraid to say that because they fear that other Americans will judge them by Barack Obama’s performance. So, no matter how poorly Obama does, many black Americans feel compelled to support him.

This is what presents Republicans with an opportunity because it gives us a chance to present black Americans with an alternate vision: Barack Obama’s failure isn’t representative of black Americans; it’s representative of how the liberal policies of the Democratic Party have failed black Americans.

There’s a wealth of evidence that this is the case. Democrats have done very little for black Americans in the last 50 years. They’ve systematically broken down the black family and treated self-serving parasites like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton as representative leaders. They’ve turned a blind eye to crime, encouraged dependency, and have treated black Americans like they owe the Democratic Party their votes just because of the color of their skin.

Of course, Republicans have pointed these things out many times before and have gotten nowhere. This time, however, things are different. Michael Steele is the RNC Chair. We’re going to have black Republicans in Congress again after this election. Black conservatives like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, and Larry Elder have become prominent voices in the GOP — and, most importantly, Barack Obama is proving that the liberalism of the Democratic Party is a destructive dead end for black Americans.

If the GOP would actually stop talking about reaching out to black Americans and would actually start reaching out to black Americans, we could potentially make more progress in the next decade than we have in the last fifty years. If Barack Obama continues to be a failure, there’s going to be a tremendous opportunity for conservatives to reach out to the black community. Let’s hope we take advantage of it.

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