What I Will Probably Never Understand About The Undying Affection For Donald Trump

My latest Townhall column is called, What I Will Probably Never Understand About The Undying Affection For Donald Trump. Here’s an excerpt from the column,

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It’s easy for me to understand why people were so favorably disposed toward Trump at first because initially, I liked him, too. I’d read and liked Trump’s books, I found him to be gracious in person and I had friends who went to work for him. I also loved his charisma, his stance on the wall, his refreshing lack of political correctness, his scrappiness and his ability to just shrug off what would be career-ending mistakes for other Republican politicians.

Unfortunately today, Trump looks to be completely unelectable. There are massive numbers of Republicans pledging not to vote for him in the general election; sitting members of congress are saying they won’t support him in the general; Mitch McConnell is openly telling Republican senators they can distance themselves from him. Trump’s been publicly condemned by the last GOP nominee (Romney); his unfavorability numbers are equaling those of Bill “the face of date rape” Cosby (Cosby, July of last year, 62% unfavorability while Trump’s rating is 62% now). He’ll be dramatically outspent in a general election and contrary to what he’s promised, he’s not going to finance his own campaign. He will have to deal with a massive Trump University fraud case during the general election; he’s the most gaffe-prone candidate in history and the mainstream media that has been carrying him on its shoulders will turn on him once he’s the nominee.

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Despite all of this, there are many smart people who think Trump will do wonderfully in an election. Some of them note that Trump has driven record turn-out in the states he’s won without noting that record numbers of people turned out to vote against him in the states he lost. Others point out that nobody thought Trump would be doing as well in the primary, but of course, it’s a split field. Had this been a one on one race, Ted Cruz would be ahead of Trump in delegates right now. Then there are people who point to the outlier poll here and there that shows Trump winning the general, but he <href=”#polls”>consistently loses to Hillary head-to-head.

Once again, you can read it all here.

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