Watch Kellyanne Conway DESTROY CNN’s Brian Stelter

Watch Kellyanne Conway DESTROY CNN’s Brian Stelter

Kellyanne Conway literally owned CNN’s Brian Stelter over the weekend. He started out immediately on the wrong foot addressing Trump’s “war on the media.” He claimed it is harming the country like a slow-acting poison. Give me a freaking break. Conway wasn’t about to let that one go by. Stelter doesn’t have the intellectual gravitas to go up against Conway. She destroyed the little troll. She’s right… all CNN does these days is attack the Trump administration. They don’t report the real news anymore.

This was definitely a hostile interview and you have to admire Conway going into the lion’s den this way. She’s absolutely fearless. She bluntly told Stelter that instead of the never-ending biased coverage, they’d like to see complete coverage. Amen to that. She brought up all the jobs that have been created and that the stock market is at record levels. She pointed out that veterans now have a 24/7 hotline directly to the White House. All she wants is for everything to be covered… the White House as long since given up on unbiased coverage.

From the Independent Journal Review:

Amid the ongoing battle between the Trump White House and CNN, President Trump’s Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway took a moment to speak with CNN’s Brian Stelter for a segment on his Sunday morning show, “Reliable Sources.”

Stelter introduced Conway with a reference to Trump’s “war on the media,” reiterating his claim that it is “harming the country like a slow-acting poison” — and Conway didn’t let that slide for one second:

“We’re [at CNN’s New York HQ], happily conversing in the hallways between CNN hits. So that tells you something. We’re very happy to come and take questions from I think an outlet that has been incredibly unfair and systematically against this president.

I guess you made a business decision to do so, but we’re here.”

Stelter just wouldn’t listen. He cut Conway off to challenge her on the White House attacking CNN. Bad move on his part. He called the President ‘unusual’ and the White House ‘dysfunctional’. Then Conway let him have it and I don’t blame her. She pointed out how slanted and unfair that was and I agree. She gave Stelter a tongue-lashing that spanned numerous topics. It was epic.

Conway covered Sean Spicer leaving the White House and she covered all things Russia. She also addressed the fact that Americans are sick of the Russian witch hunt and want to discuss healthcare and taxes. Things that really matter to them. But CNN doesn’t do real news, silly rabbit. They just want to smear Trump and gin up headlines and clicks for their flailing fake news propaganda. They will never ever learn and Kellyanne Conway will never give up either. My money’s on her.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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