$152 Million for Smoking Too Much

You’re not likely to make $152 million at your job, no matter how hard you work. The real money isn’t in creating wealth, it’s in expropriating it from those who do. For example:

The son of a Roxbury (Massachusetts) woman who died from lung cancer said today he wished his mother was still alive — and not the reason Lorillard Inc. has been ordered to pay her $152 million in compensatory and punitive damages for starting her lifelong addiction to smoking when she was a child.

“This is a bittersweet moment,” William Evans said today at Suffolk Superior Court in downtown Boston after a jury awarded his mother’s estate $81 million in punitive damages. The same jury on Tuesday awarded $50 million in compensatory damages to the estate and $21 million to William Evans.

“If I had my choice I’d rather have my mom here,” Evans said today. “I’d rather be able to go back in time and not have Lorillard give her free cigarettes when she was 9 years old and get her addicted to cigarettes and ultimately cause her death. That would be my wish.”

According to the criminal racket that passes for our legal system, Evans is entitled to this huge fortune for having had a mom who smoked too much because long ago, sample packs of Newports were passed out free in her neighborhood. I remember them doing the same in NYC years back. But in the case of Evans’s mom, it was a black neighborhood — making the sky the limit for sanctimonious looting.

The lucky winner explains why his mom had no choice but to keep puffing on Newports until she came down with lung cancer:

“She made over 50 attempts to try to stop smoking and she was addicted. She had no free will.”

Tens of millions of people have quit smoking. But they were different. They had free will — and no one gave them a free sample pack.

Renounce your own free will, and you too can get something you don’t deserve from the greedy lawyers running the show, though not all parasites get a $152 million grand prize.

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