Boston Judge Orders Christian Landlady to Study Islam

Already the tyranny inflicted by our Islamophile moonbat rulers is almost cartoonish in its ham-fistedness. From Boston:

After a landlord was convicted of pushing her Muslim tenant down a flight of stairs, a judge ordered her to respect the rights of all Muslims and to take an introductory course on Islam. …

The case centers on Daisy Obi, a 73-year-old ordained minister from Nigeria who is the pastor of the Adonai Bible Center in Somerville, just north of Boston. In April 2012, Obi rented an apartment in her multi-family home to Gihan Suliman, her husband and five young children.

Turns out that was a big mistake.

Suliman complained about the heat and electricity not always working, while Obi complained Suliman appeared to have 12 to 15 people living in the apartment at one point.

Suliman says Obi made Islamophobic remarks.

Then, about a month later, Suliman said Obi accused her of ringing her doorbell, shouted at her and pushed her. Suliman said she fell backward down 15 to 20 stairs, hitting her face on the banister, cutting her lip and tearing a ligament in her shoulder.

Obi denies everything, both the forbidden remarks and the pushing. However,

Judge Paul Yee Jr. called Obi “the landlord from hell” […and] sentenced her to two years in jail on the assault and battery charge for pushing Suliman but required her to serve only six months, with the remaining 18 months suspended if she complied with certain probation conditions.

“I want you to learn about the Muslim faith,” he said. “I want you to enroll and attend an introductory course on Islam.”

Obi believes she is being targeted for being Christian. Her lawyer brought up the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of religion, which Yee’s bizarre punishment violates. It may also violate the Eighth Amendment proscription against cruel and unusual punishment — although this punishment could become less unusual as dhimmification and Islamization progress.

Yee rules in favor of the Muslim–moonbat alliance.

On tips from Stormfax and Steve A. Hat tip: Pamela Geller. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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