BREAKING: Federal Judge Orders Gov’t To Search Emails Of Clinton Aides For Benghazi Records

BREAKING: Federal Judge Orders Gov’t To Search Emails Of Clinton Aides For Benghazi Records

It looks like Hillary Clinton may not be off the hook for Benghazi just yet, as a federal judge is ordering the government to take another look into the emails of her aides in an effort to find records regarding the night of the terror attack.

District Court Judge Amit Mehta is demanding that the State Department search the accounts of Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills and Jake Sullivan, all of whom are top Clinton aides.

And before anyone cries racism, Mehta is an Obama-appointee who has criticized the previous President’s administration for not carrying out a full and effective investigation into the matter.

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Hopefully the Trump administration will be able to do a more thorough job and it would appear that Judge Mehta agrees.

“Secretary Clinton used a private email server, located in her home, to transmit and receive work-related communications during her tenure as Secretary of State,” Mehta said.

“[State] has not, however, searched the one records system over which it has always had control and that is almost certain to contain some responsive records: the email server.”

There is no way of knowing that the emails Clinton sent over were all of the emails contained on her illegal server. It was also made clear that her aides were able to access information that they did not have the proper security clearance to possess, which is a HUGE problem.

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch is celebrating this ruling as a victory, as they have been following this issue since the Benghazi attack occurred and Clinton lied to us, blaming a video for the terrorism and murder of Americans.

“This major court ruling may finally result in more answers about the Benghazi scandal — and Hillary Clinton’s involvement in it — as we approach the attack’s fifth anniversary,” Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said in a statement.

Now, Trump has refused to prosecute Hillary Clinton as he promised during the campaign, so let’s hope this prompts him to take a deeper look into the old hag’s lies and perhaps finally hold her feet to the legal fire.

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