BREAKING: Jared Fogle’s Attorneys Make Major Announcement About Jail Sentence

BREAKING: Jared Fogle’s Attorneys Make Major Announcement About Jail Sentence

Jared Fogle’s attorneys just announced that he will appeal his 15-year sentence and $175,000 fine. They are seeking to have both thrown out. Currently, Fogle is in Oklahoma awaiting extradition to Colorado. Fogle was the famous spokesman for Subway sandwiches that was convicted of possession of kiddie porn and having sex with two 16 year-olds. He also has a thing for little kids and his executive director was one of his suppliers of the smut he had on his computers. Some of the porn was from Europe and involved the penetration of children as young as six. It’s vile. There is no way Fogle should get this tossed out. He deserves much, much worse.

Jared Fogle

From IJReview:

Jared Fogle’s attorneys are appealing his 15-year sentence and $175,000 fine.

WTHR TV reports that the former Subway pitchman has also been moved to an Oklahoma City detention center lock-up and from there he’ll be taken to a Littleton, Colorado, prison.

It was just last month that Fogle pleaded guilty to receiving kiddie porn and having sex with two 16-year-olds. He told the court at the time:

“I’ve been living a life of deception and lies. My life revolved around alcohol, pornography and prostitution.”

Fogle’s executive director just pleaded guilty and will get 27 years behind bars. His attorneys have not given a reason for the request to toss Fogle’s case. I sincerely hope they fail. They must have some technicality they feel they can get Fogle off on and let him walk. If that succeeds, Fogle will be a walking target and probably will have to go into hiding for the rest of his sorry life. No sympathy here. Right now, Fogle’s release date is set for July 11, 2029. He used his non-profit foundation for overweight children to get pictures of them for his own twisted desires. I’m sure he got away with much more than he was convicted on. Federal agents found thousands of pictures depicting child pornography on his home computers. The man is sick and a dedicated pervert. I hope justice will be done here and this monster won’t be set free.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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