BREAKING: Obama Administration About To Pay BRUTAL Price For Iran Deal Cover-Up!

BREAKING: Obama Administration About To Pay BRUTAL Price For Iran Deal Cover-Up!

The president is supposed to be an executor of the will of the people. Unfortunately, Barack Obama sees the will of the people as an impediment to his regime’s rule. So, whenever possible, he lies or he obscures the truth about his radical agenda. In the case of the disastrous Iran deal, the Obama Administration worked very hard to conceal the details and now, they’re going to have to answer for this duplicity in court.


From Young Conservatives:

The Obama Administration has been dishonest about the Iran deal from the jump.

In a variety of ways.

That’s common knowledge at this point.

It bothered a lot of people when the State Department told reporters that it was O.K. for the government to lie to the American people for the sake of diplomacy.

It bothered people even more when the Obama Administration deleted that comment from the official record and pretends they have no idea how it happened.

The government has not been forthcoming about who gave the order to edit that tape.

So they are getting sued over it.

From Townhall:

Last month, the American Center for Law & Justice filed Freedom of Information Act requests to determine which White House officials gave the order to edit the exchange between Psaki and Rosen.

The deadline to reply has expired, so the ACLJ is filing a lawsuit.

“Our legal team is prepared to litigate this case in order to enforce the rule of law and shed light on this shameful cover-up,” said ACLJ President Jay Sekulow.

About time someone put this administration’s feet to the fire regarding Iran.

Truly, this administration makes Nixon look open and honest by comparison.

It would be unreasonable to expect 100% transparency from the presidency. We should all understand that he has to make decisions based on information that is not divulged to the public.

However, this president has abused this cloak of secrecy to become the least-transparent president in our nation’s history.

It’s absolutely shameful.

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