Bureaucrats Deem Rocks Too Dangerous for Geology Class

According to the Nanny State, the rocks in liberal bureaucrats’ heads aren’t the only ones that pose a threat to children:

Michael Warring, president of American Educational Products in Fort Collins, Colo., had his shipment all ready: A school’s worth of small bags, each one filled with an igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock. Then the school canceled its order. Says Warring, “They apparently decided rocks could be harmful to children.”

After all, who knows exactly what is in a piece of Mother Nature? There could be a speck of lead!

The children will study a poster of rocks instead.

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And so it goes in the unbrave new world, where nothing is safe enough. It’s a world brought to us by the once sane, now danger-hallucinating Consumer Product Safety Commission.

As with most government agencies, the parasitical bureauweenies at CPSC sometimes get bored enough to pretend that their extraneous jobs actually need doing. Since terror of greedy trial lawyers has long since removed legitimately unsafe products from the marketplace, they have to stretch their imaginations ever further to find new threats — as with the cadmium menace:

Last month McDonald’s and the CPSC issued a recall of 12 million Shrek 3 commemorative glasses because some of the paint on the cups contained trace levels of cadmium. It’s good to get those off the market, right? Cadmium can cause bone softening and kidney problems, right?

Well, possibly it can — if you absorb massive amounts of it by working at a cadmium plant. But cadmium has been used in paint and jewelry for decades with no appreciable danger. “You’d have to scrape the paint off of hundreds of those glasses, and EAT it, in order for your body to even develop a measurable level of cadmium in the blood,” says Jack Glass, a certified hazardous material manager. And you’d have to do it more than once. By the time your child is scraping the paint off thousands of commemorative cups — and calling it lunch — you’ve got bigger problems than cadmium contamination.

If CO2, trace cadmium, and touching rocks can be regarded as deadly, it’s only a matter of time until Big Government places some sort of restriction on every substance in existence.

On a tip from Henry. Hat tip: Nanny State Liberation Front. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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