Christian Student Expelled for Failing to Affirm Homosexual Depravity

Jen Keeton isn’t the only graduate student to be struck down by the heavy hand of the liberal establishment for upholding Christian values in the face of militant depravity; nor is Arizona the only recent victim of black-robed liberal ideologues. Another appalling case is that of Julea Ward

A counseling major at Eastern Michigan University, Julea asked to be removed from a case rather than be forced to affirm perverted sexual practices that she rightly regards as morally abhorrent. When EMU educrats responded to this heresy by throwing her out, she took them to court. Unsurprisingly, in light of the caliber of people who run our judiciary, this didn’t end well. In ruling against her, U.S. District Judge George Steeh proclaimed:

“Plaintiff was not required to change her views or religious beliefs; she was required to set them aside in the counselor-client relationship — a neutral, generally applicable expectation of all counselors-to-be under the ACA (American Counseling Association) standard.”

Likewise, when the government has finished consolidating control over the healthcare system, Christians will not be required to change their religious beliefs; they’ll just be required to perform abortions anyway.

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How open-minded of the courts to allow us to believe in right versus wrong, so long as we keep those beliefs to ourselves and don’t let them prevent us from doing whatever our degenerate masters command.

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