More Cities Following D.C.-Area Jurisdictions In Debating Non-Citizen Voting Rights [Video]

And the agenda to change the nationwide voting demographic continues apace. This was the plan all along by the Marxist Obama Administration… grant mass Amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, then set it up so that they can get driver’s licenses… for dessert, start having cities give non-citizens the right to vote. It’s a Marxist coup from within pure and simple. The enemies within have opened the gates to the enemies without and are aggressively working towards implementing communism in the US coast to coast. Their fearless leader, Barack Obama, must be very please with the progress of his war plan.

From Breitbart:

More cities are trying to follow in the footsteps of D.C.-area jurisdictions to give non-citizens the right to vote in municipal elections.

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Though many of these proposals have failed, the Washington Post notes that activists in Amherst, Massachusetts, Madison, Wisconsin, and Burlington, Vermont are also clamoring to give voting rights to non-citizens. In New York, as Breitbart News has noted, Mayor Bill de Blasio has said he would like to “continue the conversation” this year on giving voting rights to non-citizens.

Six Maryland jurisdictions and Chicago allow non-citizens to vote in some local elections.

The Post notes that opponents believe the campaign to grant voting rights to non-citizens “is part of a political scheme to create more Latino voters, who polls show tend to prefer Democrats,” especially since the “largest number of green-card holders are from Mexico.”

D.C. Council member David Grosso introduced a bill to give non-citizens the right to vote in local elections, but ” he acknowledged that the new proposal is unlikely to go far.” As the Post notes, voters in Portland, Maine, and San Francisco have rejected proposals to give voting rights to non-citizens.

Some of Obama’s efforts may fail, but that is the strong point of the Leftists… they are patient. They keep hitting at their goals until they eventually succeed. Look at Obamacare. It took decades to get it through, but they did. All the while, they planted chosen vessels in positions of power throughout the government and the country. It is a brilliant strategy straight out of Gramsci’s teachings. As more and more cities fall to the siren call of Marxism and more and more illegals flood our country, the Marxists will lock down the parties and control the Republic through Totalitarianism with a thin veneer of faux freedom using two political parties that are really one. This is what the open borders movement has brought us. The downfall of a free Republic.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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