European Court Imposes Abortion on Catholic Ireland

Ireland may want to think twice about taking any bailouts from the EU in light of the European Court’s eagerness to meddle in its domestic affairs:

Ireland’s constitutional ban on abortion violates pregnant women’s right to receive proper medical care in life-threatening cases, the European Court of Human Rights ruled Thursday, harshly criticizing Ireland’s long inaction on the issue.

The Strasbourg, France-based court ruled that a pregnant woman fighting cancer should have been allowed to get an abortion in Ireland in 2005 rather than being forced to go to England for the procedure. The judgment put Ireland under pressure to draft a law extending abortion rights to women whose pregnancies represent a potentially fatal threat to their own health.

Ireland has resisted doing that despite a 1992 judgment from the Irish Supreme Court that said Ireland should provide abortions in cases where a woman’s life is endangered — including, controversially, by her own threats to commit suicide.

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Including suicide threats means that abortion is legal, period.

Patients and doctors can be prosecuted for murder when unborn babies are killed in Ireland absent medical necessity. But abortions are performed there in cases of cervical cancer, high blood pressure, and ectopic pregnancies. The goal of judicial oligarchs is to use the threat of suicide trick to make abortion a normal part of “healthcare,” in conforming with liberal elite values — just as an earlier European Court ruling imposed official acceptance of homosexuality on Ireland.

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