Here’s Who Obama Will Likely Replace Justice Scalia With

Here’s Who Obama Will Likely Replace Justice Scalia With

At least if the liberal trolls get their way. They just never, ever give up. Now these scummy twits are calling for Obama to nominate Anita Hill for the Supreme Court vacancy. After all these years, they are still hounding Justice Clarence Thomas over an alleged sexual harassment against Hill. In my viewpoint, the whole thing was a setup to make him look bad period. He’s a black Supreme Court Justice, but because he’s a conservative, it just ticks them off to no end. So, the liberals attack him at every available opportunity. Scalia isn’t even in the ground yet and now they are pouncing on Thomas. Despicable.


From Addicting Info:

Conservatives would be so pissed if this actually happened.

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In what would perhaps be the most entertaining Supreme Court nominating process in American history, a petition is circulating asking President Obama to nominate Anita Hill to replace recently deceased Justice Antonin Scalia on the bench.

Hill is most remembered for her courageous testimony against current Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during his confirmation hearings in 1991. Hill testified that Thomas made unwanted sexual advances toward her during his stint as supervisor at the Department of Education. Despite her passing a lie detector test while he refused to take one, the Senate still confirmed Thomas 52-48 in the narrowest margin since the 1800s after other women were denied the chance to testify in support of Hill.

Thomas and his conservative supporters, of course, demonized Hill, accusing her of being used by white liberals to cut down an “uppity black” with a “high-tech lynching.”

The hate out there against Scalia and Thomas is just unhinged. Both are great men and both are hated by those on the left. This is par for the course for liberals. They revel in hatred, violence and death. That’s what they do. This article is just one more example of it. If their lame petition succeeds and Hill were to be nominated by Obama, it would never ever go anywhere. Thomas is not embarrassed because he has nothing to be ashamed of. And I hate to break it to these dirt bags, but he’s not going anywhere. Unless of course he’s murdered like many suspect Scalia was. They can take their female social justice warrior meme and stuff it.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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