Hillary Just Broke the Law AGAIN… She Deserves Consequences!

Hillary Just Broke the Law AGAIN… She Deserves Consequences!

The same day she walked away from felony and misdemeanor charges for handling top secret, classified information in an “extremely careless” manner, Hillary Clinton proceeded to break Federal law AGAIN! And she did it in front of a crowd at a LIVE campaign event… uh oh.


From Townhall.com:

Prior to the event presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton boarded Air Force One with President Barack Obama and jetted off to a campaign event in North Carolina. The trip cost taxpayers $200,000 per hour.

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During the event, President Obama spoke before Clinton and used the official Presidential Seal for his remarks. When Clinton stepped up to the lectern it wasn’t taken down, but instead used by Clinton for her remarks as well.

I wonder if the Clintons get off on breaking the law and break the law just so they can see if they can get away with breaking the law? So far, their Get-Out-Of-Jail-free card is permanent.

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