How to Make the Track Team in Fundamentally Transformed America (and Get Rich Doing It)

Sports are based on the countermoonbat principle of competition. Unless the game is fixed, the athlete who performs best wins. This won’t last under rule by moonbats. As in so many areas, the liberal attack on sanity will be carried out largely through courts…

[Ervin] Mears Jr. filed a federal lawsuit against a slew of parties — a track coach, principal, superintendent and school board among them — after his son, Mawusimensah Mears, was kicked off the Camden County (N.J.) Sterling Regional High varsity track team. The elder Mears claims that his son was bullied and harassed during his time on the Sterling Regional squad, then was kicked off the team. The Mears family seeks $40 million in compensatory damages for the persecution they allege befell Mawusimensah during his freshman season with Sterling Regional.

The bullying and harassment consist mainly of letting seniors run in varsity races rather than the freshman Mawusimensah. For legal purposes, bullying and harassment can be defined as “not letting a whiner have his way.”

The official reason for Mawusimensah Mears’ dismissal was unexcused absences from practice, though his father [coughed up a bunch of excuses for that].

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Yet, at the root of the elder Mears’ lawsuit is a controversial claim that his son has a right to participate in extracurricular activities, turning the long held adage that sports, music and the like are privileges on its head.

Track teams featuring quadriplegics and orchestras that include deaf students can’t be far behind. After that: lawsuits forcing entry into professional sports and orchestras.

Liberals will be the first to tell you that they want equality. The worst enemy of equality is excellence. Moonbats are waging a war of annihilation against it.

Rather than attend practice, Mawuwhateverthehell is suing, with help from Dad.

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