They Just Passed an Outrageous Law to Allow Women to Sell Their Babies

They Just Passed an Outrageous Law to Allow Women to Sell Their Babies

This law says that a woman who decides to sell her baby instead of having an abortion will receive $3,700 under a proposed new law.

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From the Daily Mail:

Officials are hoping the measure, which was put forward by a MP for the country’s nationalist party, will boost the country’s birth rate and give children ‘a chance to live’.

Around 200,000 women are expected to take part in the proposals, which has not yet passed through government.

Aleksandr Sherin, State Duma MP, wrote in a note accompanying the proposal that it will help ‘children who were doomed to die before being born’, according to

He added: ‘Currently only about 20 per cent of women who want an abortion abandon their intention.

‘Material stimuli could help to significantly improve this figure.’

The women will have to hand authorities details of their pregnancy – including due date and a letter saying they will not have an abortion – if they want to receive the money.

The money is expected to be given out at a set rate to start with but will be recalculated in line with inflation.

In Russia, abortion up to 12 weeks of pregnancy is legal.

Women who have been raped can request an abortion up to 22 weeks of pregnancy. In the UK, an abortion can be legally carried out if it is within the first 24 weeks.

Anything that turns women away from exercising a power that takes away the right of a life to exist is good. Selling a life to willing parents is much better then snuffing out a life that wants to live.

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