Keep an Eye on Your Mail – If You Receive a Check from Walmart, Here’s What It Means

Keep an Eye on Your Mail – If You Receive a Check from Walmart, Here’s What It Means

Tis the season to rip people off. This is a mystery shopper scam that has been around at least a couple of years now. You receive a letter supposedly from Walmart giving you directions and a check. Once you deposit the check, they drain your bank account. It’s evil and I’m not sure how they are able to drain your account once you put the check in the bank, but evidently they can. I wonder how many people have fallen for this? Most people don’t have much and having what little they have stolen from their account is utterly devastating to them and their loved ones. Especially during the holidays. Crime is bad enough, but preying on those who have the least is just despicable. Whatever you do, don’t deposit one of these checks if you get them in the mail. If you do, pick up the phone, call the authorities and report it.


From Qpolitical:

It is one of the most shopped retailers in the world — especially at this time of year. Love it or hate it, we’ve all been there. Yes, I’m talking about Walmart.

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But shoppers should beware because thugs have come up with a scheme that could truly ruin people’s lives if they are not careful.

An Illinois sheriff’s department is reporting that a new Walmart scam has been on the loose in their area. First, a person receives a letter in the mail, like the one below, along with a check. The letter allegedly informs the person that they have been accepted into the “Quality Control” program from Walmart and informs the person of their ‘responsibilities’.


Along with the letter is a check that supposedly needs to be activated by using a supplied user ID and password. Once the check is activated, the person is to deposit the check into their bank account to begin shopping and participating in the program.


But it’s a scam! Once the person deposits the check into their account, the scammers drain their bank account.

Be sure to warn your friends and family that if any of you receive this letter in the mail, throw it away and DO NOT deposit the check!

This may be a variant on the mystery shopper scam, because it claims it has to do with a “Quality Control” program. They must rip off your identity when you supply some sort of ID and a password. You should be on the alert for this scam and many others out there this season. They seem to be everywhere. Here in Oklahoma, we have criminals who call your home phone pretending to be the IRS and then demand money. The IRS doesn’t operate that way and you should always check with them separately over something like this. These grifters don’t care who they hurt or destroy. They are in it for the bucks. Just like those who use devices that drain credit cards remotely. Theft has graduated to high tech as well as old fashioned scams. It keeps police and investigators very busy. Remember, if you get something for nothing and it seems too good to be true, it almost certainly is.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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