Lawyer Sues Strip Club for Letting Him Spend His Money There

Lawyer Mark Gold makes a cushy living helping the irresponsible evade responsibility by defending drunk drivers. When he found he had blown $18,930 in one night bingeing at a strip club, rather than pay his bill he fell back on his jobs skills:

Now the 56-year-old attorney is taking the Gold Rush [bwahaha!] club to court, saying he was so drunk staff should have stopped serving him.

The lawsuit, filed at Miami-Dade County Court, makes no mention of how the enormous bill was racked up – or how many lap dances he may have bought.

Instead, he claims staff plied him with drinks so they could charge ‘excessive amounts of money to his credit card.’

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According to the lawsuit,

‘Defendant knew, or should have known, of plaintiff’s intoxicated state, having caused it.’

The defendant will have a hard time denying that it sold Gold drinks and hoped he would keep throwing his money around like a dissolute degenerate. After all, that’s what strip clubs are there for.

Not only does Gold not want to pay up for his big night on the town, he wants the club to pay him “expenses.”

If he wins his absurd case, it will at least clean up strip clubs. We’ll see signs in front of them reading, No Lawyers Allowed.

Lawyer Mark Gold digs for new lows.

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