NBC News Helpfully Explains How Liberals Can Not Ruin Thanksgiving

NBC News Helpfully Explains How Liberals Can Not Ruin Thanksgiving

Every year we are treated to a raft of articles on surviving Thanksgiving (Christmas ones will come later) due to politics. Many of them attempt to explain how to ruin T-giving with talking points aimed at Explaining Things to your Republican Uncle. Others are about not ruining T-giving. This one from NBC News is the latter, where, apparently, Liberals need someone to explain this whole Acting Like An Adult And Being Civil thing

How to survive Thanksgiving when politics loom large

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a family member with politics you find appalling will say something infuriating at the Thanksgiving table.

We’ve been here before. The first Thanksgiving after the 2016 election was so tense that politically-divided families shortened their turkey dinners by 20-30 minutes last year, one study found.

Pretty much because people could not take the hardcore Progressives/Socialists/Marxists at the gathering anymore. They did not want to listing to Victimhood, Social Justice Warrioring, or Special Snowflaking. Remember, this are people who yelled at the sky on the 1 year date of Trump being elected.

This Thanksgiving — the first after the inauguration of President Trump — people are as dug in as ever, experts say, but instead of pondering just the election results, they now have policies argue about — everything from health care and taxes to immigration.

Perhaps so, but leftists always have their own Talking Points ready in any year, ramping up the discussion to uncomfortable levels on ‘climate change’, bathroom policy, the gender confused, etc. Even on how Evil it is to have all the food on T-giving (though they’ll still eat it).

The No. 1 rule is to avoid talking about politics at the family Thanksgiving gathering — it’s not worth it and you’re not going to change anyone’s mind.

The hosts should set down ground rules, particularly if they know there are family members who are going to spar, Farley said. You can say on the invitation: “Host’s prerogative: I would like to request no political conversation at the party whatsoever — let’s focus on what we’re thankful for.”

It’s needed because Progressives have no self control to keep it civil. And just shut up when people want to watch football.


Oh, that’ll go well

A family member may share a #MeToo story, revealing for the first time she was assaulted. Teenagers may ask tough questions about what it means to grope, fondle or expose. The topic is too important to avoid, Klapow said. If it comes up, a calm discussion about respect, and what’s right and wrong, is fine — just be aware there may be children listening. Some conversations should be more private, he advised.

No. Just no.

The article offers other ideas, such as having a designated politics zone, not taking the bait and getting into an argument, having a wingman, using humor to deflect (unfortunately, humor for Liberals is mostly non-existent, except for jokes about assassinating Bush Trump), and taking a breather. Easier yet, do not invited the hardcore Leftists.

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