Obama’s Attorney General Says Anti-Muslim Speech Will Be Prosecuted

Obama’s Attorney General Says Anti-Muslim Speech Will Be Prosecuted

Simply mind blowing. Not two days after 14 were slaughtered in San Bernardino by radical Islamic terrorists and Loretta Lynch goes and talks in front of a Muslim advocacy group ensuring them that she will go after anyone who commits what she deems to be “hate speech” against Muslims. She also said her greatest fear is violence against Muslims. You’ve got to be freaking kidding me! As far as I know there weren’t attacks against Muslims after 9/11. Not the way she is insinuating. I warned everyone about Loretta Lynch. Talking heads said how fair and professional she was. But she is in the tank for Islam just like Obama is and she is more concerned with protecting the Islamic community from hate speech than Americans from terrorism. She didn’t even mention San Bernardino during that talk and it happen just 48 hours before her speech.

Loretta Lynch

From The Political Insider:

Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, announced to a Muslim advocate group that the Department of Justice will prosecute Americans if they use “hate speech” against Muslims.

Watch below:

The video doesn’t catch it, but right before these remarks, Lynch told the group that violence against Muslims is her “greatest fear” as the U.S. Attorney General, and the DOJ will do everything they can to prevent it.

You would think that maybe Obama’s administration would focus on protecting ALL Americans from Islamist terror, especially after 14 Americans were slaughtered in California by Muslim terrorists.

But you’d be wrong.

They’re more concerned with speech against ISLAM, and Lynch shows that their efforts will go towards protecting Muslims by shutting down free speech against ISLAM.

Incredibly, she doesn’t even mention the San Bernardino killings, only the attacks in Paris, and her comments were made just two days after the attack.


Everything this Administration has done since the slaughter in California screams that they don’t care about terrorist attacks on American soil or how many bodies pile up in our streets. Instead, they are trying to take our only defense… our right to bear arms. When does it cross over from incompetence and pandering into treason? I contend we crossed that threshold long ago. Obama spent most of his address to the nation after the massacre defending Muslims. The Muslim Brotherhood is all but running parts of our government. Obama grovels before Iran and hearts the Caliphate. Just how much more proof do Americans need that their president is an enemy within? So are the likes of Loretta Lynch. A number of high profile politicians and other individuals came forward and told her she could come for them… that they would not back down on speaking out against the Religion of Peace. Lynch is now backtracking somewhat, but you’ve seen her true intentions here. They will strip us of our First and Second Amendment rights to protect the Ummah. Before long, all of us will be guilty of hate speech and handled accordingly.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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