Texas School Resurrects PADDLING Students As Punishment – It’s Been Approved! [VIDEO]

Texas School Resurrects PADDLING Students As Punishment – It’s Been Approved! [VIDEO]

As if we have stepped back in time, a board of trustees for a Texas school district has done something that no one would have guessed was possible – they reinstated corporal punishment in schools.

The school district is the Three Rivers Independent School District (ISD) and they are making history, or maybe it’s redoing history by now being able to paddle students, so long as parents sign off on it. So now, this district will join the other 26 that have already put corporal punishment in place.

How could this possibly go wrong, right? Any student now that has a sign off by the parent, will be subject to paddling for breaking any rules, such as disturbing the class. But I still wonder if this is at the teacher’s discretion. Can a teacher choose not to enforce the paddle? I imagine so.

The more rural areas of Texas are the districts that allow the punishment. Back in 2015, Sealy ISD made the choice to abandon corporal punishment. Superintendent Sheryl Moore said the following:

“We think that corporal punishment should be a family decision, not a school decision. We will provide the parent with all the information necessary regarding the situation so they can decide whether they think that’s appropriate. But that’s not something the school district wants to be involved in.”

Now that is a measured and reasonable answer. In fact, that is the only answer in my head. What parent is comfortable putting a paddle in the hand of a stranger, granted a teacher, and letting them punish their child, TRUSTING that an actual rule was broken? No. That ain’t happening. It does not take a village to raise a child like the left always claims. A mother and father can do that on their own and as far as I’m concerned, are the ONLY two people that have that duty.

Well, after the ruling, parents on both sides of the decision of course ran to their social media pages to give their opinion on the matter, hoping to be recognized. One wrote:

“If parents would teach their children how to act right, they wouldn’t have to worry about they’re kid getting paddled at school. I say if you don’t want someone to teach your kids respect, DO IT YOURSELF!”

While another wrote: “Do a little research on kids who were spanked and see that they are much more likely to end up in prison than kids who were disciplined with other methods. Paddling has no place in any school or home.”

While yet another, how very well could have been me, wrote:

“If anyone ever touched my kid, I would beat them senseless. Nope, no way. I would pay for private school.”

And that’s where I stand ladies and gentlemen.

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