While We Were All Distracted With the Holidays, Obama Did THIS

While We Were All Distracted With the Holidays, Obama Did THIS

Barack Obama has a nasty New Year’s gift for Americans after the 1st… executive orders on gun control are now imminent. I certainly wouldn’t rule out gun confiscation either. Valerie Jarrett is behind manipulating this move and so is Bloomberg. Obama will definitely go for barring private sales at gun shows, which will in effect stop most private gun sales period. He will also aim for adding the no-fly list to background checks which is breathtakingly unconstitutional. Up to 50% or more of that list is wrong and he knows it. The individuals on the list have not committed any crime, yet they will be stripped of their Second Amendment rights. Any of us could be put on the no-fly list as an enemy of the state and our weapons would be deemed illegal. Obama views the Constitution as a ‘living, breathing document’ that can be changed on a whim. He also feels he does not have to abide by it or any other law – he’s acting as a dictator would. If Americans won’t willingly give up their guns, then he’s coming for them and soon.

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From The Federalist Papers Project:

Enjoy the holidays, because when the New Year comes, Barack’s going to throw down some unconstitutional “executive orders” on gun control.

After he gets back from his long Christmas holiday in Hawaii, President Obama is planning to use his “executive powers” to tighten gun laws, RollCall is reporting.

Since the San Bernardino terrorist attack (which has nothing to do with access to guns), liberals have been apoplectic about more and more gun control.

From limiting purchases, to banning people on the sketchy “no-fly” list, to background checks, the dictates will come down soon after Obama returns.

Obama doesn’t care that the American people are decidedly against him on this one.

Obama met with the San Bernardino families on his way to Hawaii. This wasn’t because he feels any kind of sympathy for them. It was highly political in nature and meant for optics. The meeting wasn’t public, but during his press conference hours before the meeting, Obama compared the San Bernardino shooting to other mass shootings within the US. He’s now put the terrorist attack in California in the same class with mass shootings on college campuses. The terrorism is due to Obama’s failure as a leader and his dereliction of duty. The mass shootings are due to Progressive policies and cultural degradation. To strip people of the right to bear arms is to guarantee the deaths of many, many Americans. More gun laws and regulations won’t stop the thugs, the terrorists or the murderously insane from killing. But it will make sitting ducks of American citizens and I don’t believe they will stand for that. Obama is about to see what America will do when he comes for their guns and I think he’s in for a real shock. He’s working at reshaping us into Socialist Europe which is now inundated with Islamists, the Caliphate and terror. He doesn’t care that America is overwhelmingly against what he is about to do. It’s for their own good goes the totalitarian reasoning. The White House said Obama and Bloomberg “discussed ways to keep guns out of the hands of those who should not have access to them and what more could be done at the state and local level to help address gun violence in America.” You can bet all of it is unconstitutional and against the will of the people. Poking this badger could end in a civil revolt.

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Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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