YES! Arizona Lawmaker Proposes Bill That Would Ban Funds For Social Justice Classes

YES! Arizona Lawmaker Proposes Bill That Would Ban Funds For Social Justice Classes

An Arizona State legislator has gone above and beyond the expectations that any voter would have ever dreamed a politician would go – showing some real fortitude in going after the plague that has poisoned this nation, especially on the Federal level. He’s introduced legislation to ban the use of taxpayer money to fund explicit social justice coursework in state schools.


Rep. Bob Thorpe is the man and he represents a rural Arizona district. Since he is a member of the state’s Government and Higher Education Committees, he has introduced legislation that attempts to deny funding for those classes that “violates civil rights laws” or “promotes division or resentment” between individuals based on their “ethnicity, race gender, religion, political affiliation or social class.”

Thorpe is also seeking to ban coursework that “advocates solidarity or isolation based upon ethnic, racial, gender or social class instead of treating individuals as unique.” Also lined against the proverbial firing wall would be any class that “negatively targets specific nationalities or countries.”

Thorpe elaborated to reporters:

“It seems like racially insensitive agendas are occurring in higher education, the trend is very troubling.”

“We are getting far away from the accomplishments that began with the Civil Rights Act of 1961…I am mindful that citizens are paying for these courses. They roll their eyes at these courses. We should respect that.”

Thorpe has recognized that state schools can choose to teach any courses they see fit to teach, but that taxpayer funding for the classes with criteria matching those characteristics found in his bill would not be accessible to them. So far, Thorpe has not released the date that he will introduce the legislation to the Arizona statehouse.


Thorpe’s bill makes perfect sense and is a godsend because in August, it was reported that Oregon State was forcing all incoming freshman to pass a “social justice” training course consisting of lessons that taught “diversity, inclusion, and social justice.” That same school went as far as to spend “$11,500 on three racially segregated social justice retreats for students that examined topics such as white privilege, racism and oppression.”

If there exists a reality where everything is upside down and inside out, then this has got to be it. Is there another time in history where the human race has actively gone backwards? Is this what the left calls “enlightened?”

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