A Preview Of Rielle Hunter’s Hot New Book: How To Get Yourself A Rich Man With A Fine Head Of Hair!

A Preview Of Rielle Hunter’s Hot New Book: How To Get Yourself A Rich Man With A Fine Head Of Hair!

Bizarrely, Rielle Hunter, who’s famous for stealing one of America’s most hated politicians away from his cancer stricken wife, wrote a book about her experiences.

This is kind of like writing a book called, “Shooting A Baby In The Face: There’s More To It Than You Might Think!” Unsurprisingly, the book’s not doing so hot.

Rielle Hunter: What Really Happened

According to Radar Online, the former mistress of John Edwards suspends her book tour due to poor book sales. Rielle Hunter wrote the book “What Really Happened” to tell in detail about her affair with the former presidential candidate, John Edwards (who is the father of her four year old daughter, Frances Quinn Hunter). The book came as a shock in June, 2012 since Rielle said nothing about her ongoing affair with John Edwards. She stated that she had to follow her heart and break her silence about the affair. Also, she states the book was a dedication to her daughter to let her know what happen between her mother and father.

The first reason for the dismal sales of her book is what she wrote about John Edwards wife, Elizabeth. Her lack of concern for John Edwards’s wife, who succumb to cancer in 2010 was distasteful. She uses words such as “witch” and “crazy” to describe his late wife who was battling cancer at the time of their affair. Rielle claims it was Elizabeth’s erratic behavior as the cause for John having an affair with her. How should a person react when they are dying from cancer and find out their husband impregnates another woman?

I’m guessing the chapters go something like this…

1) Chapter One: “His wife’s cancer was what gave me the edge….”

2) Chapter Two: “The key to winning his heart? Sluttiness!”

3) Chapter Three: “Sure, it was a little awkward when I met Elizabeth’s kids and told them I was their new mommy, but….”

4) Chapter Four: “The relationship wasn’t as much fun after the world found out I stepped on the dreams of a woman with cancer.”

In all honesty, I can understand why Rielle Hunter wrote a book. In her mind, Elizabeth Edwards was probably an awful person who practically forced her husband to look elsewhere, it was love at first sight between her and John Edwards, their intentions were better than everybody thought, yada, yada, yada. She wants to explain that side of things to people — except no one is going to care.

Edwards is sleazy and embarrassing, she committed adultery with him, and she did it when his wife, whom people sympathized with, was dying of cancer. Now, for the rest of her life, Rielle Hunter is going to be thought of as the skanky homewrecker who helped ruin the last days of a woman people liked and who was dying of cancer. It doesn’t matter how many books she writes or even if she goes to Nigeria to build orphanages for the rest of her life, that’s how people are going to think of her. That must be a hard thing to live with, but that’s the sad reality she’s going to have to face.

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